iPhone iOS 10.1 Cracked Successfully By Kerala ResearcheriPhone iOS 10.1 Cracked Successfully By Kerala Researcher

From recent news a researcher from Kerala has managed to crack Apple’s activation lock. Hemanth Joseph is a Kerala-based security researcher. He found a bug running in iOS 10.1 version. Many security researchers have tried to crack Apple’s activation code and failed many times. It is not an easy task, neither impossible for researchers because one bug is all it takes to get into the system.

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Mr. joseph was asked to select a Wi-Fi network where he decided to choose ‘other network’ and selected WPA2-enterprise in order to connect to the Wi-Fi, but that gave him input fields to enter the information in order to get internet access. He was asked to fill name, username, and password.

Where he found that there is no character restriction in those fields when he tested a couple of times and then he decided to enter thousands of characters that iOS can’t handle. He did that just to check if iOS can handle it or crash.

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But the software didn’t handle the characters neither crashed instead the whole device just froze. Soon after the device froze he decided to lock it by closing Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover over the screen. What happened next was surprising because after opening the cover he saw the same screen but then suddenly after a couple of seconds the device crashed to iOS home screen. And this is how Joseph bypassed the activation lock and to have full access to the iPad.

When the bug was reported, it got fixed last month in the most recent iOS update. Joseph’s website had full information about his current work and it was found that he is currently working as information security researcher at the firm Slash Secure and he is a commander at Kerala Police Cyberdome also.

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Previously he reported a critical vulnerability in Google Cloud Platform and Google rewarded a bounty of $7500 and he has been listed at Google’s Hall of fame.

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