Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad: Everyone has PC in there home because without a PC our life becomes bare. Sometimes the keyboard buttons are not working or mouse right click got damaged. That situation becomes irritated and if your work is important your job stops. You don’t have to worry in that situation just turn your iPhone screen as mouse or trackpad.

How To Use iPhone as A Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad For PC
How To Use iPhone as A Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad For PC

The Mobile Mouse Remote is the app including fabulous feature and very easy to operate. There are other ways you can use iPhone mouse Bluetooth. The Mobile Mouse Remote also carries useful bonus features. You will need an internet connection for downloading the app from the App Store. We are here to explain to you that how to use remote mouse iPhone as a trackpad. Here are some simple steps you have to follow to make your mouse for iPhone.

1) You should be sure that your iPhone/iPad and PC are linked with the same WiFi network so that you don’t have to face any problem afterward.

2) Your work starts with the PC, visit the Remote Mouse Webpage and download the program on your PC. Now you can download and install the app using the same name.

3) After downloading install the program on the PC / Mac. To install the program is very easy you just have to click Next and will be activated in seconds.

4) Now you can take another step for setting the link between mobile and computer. Open the program you have installed on the PC. You will get the information both the IP address or a QR code in Status tab.

5) After that open the app on your mobile and find the PC. If you are not logging in then tap add button and connect with IP or the QR code is valid.

6) After all the process are completed your iPhone will turn into a trackpad with the classic mouse buttons you can use.

7) In meantime, if you want to change from mouse to Keyboard. You can change to the keyboard by clicking on the top right-hand corner.

How To Use iPhone as A Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad For PC
How To Use iPhone as A Keyboard, Mouse, Trackpad For PC

These steps will help you to know how to use your iPhone as a keyboard, mouse or trackpad for PC. Remote Mouse for Mac is free and safe to download. You can get Remote Mouse for Android. So, now you will not have any problem in accessing your PC with the touch mouse server and can make it a handy PC.

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