Hidden iPhone FeatureHidden iPhone Feature

We all love Apple’s IOS 9 because of its new and amazing features. In case you don’t know those new features I will talk about them and then I will tell you about its new hidden feature which you all don’t know till now. Recently apple users are enjoying all new IOS features here is what I found randomly.

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First, let me tell you the new features of it then we can move to the hidden feature. Recently launched IOS 9 has the following new features in it. They are:

1. Now you can put a 6 code password to your device
2. We all hate vibration of phone when we are in a meeting so they added a new disable all vibration mode.
3. Siri has improved a lot. Enjoy new things by communicating to siri.

Now time for the main hidden feature. When it comes to wallpapers and themes we all like to explore more and more. And we all try to set up cool wallpapers to impress everyone and keep our phone’s look cool. But there is a hidden feature in it. Which is “STILL” mode and “PERSPECTIVE” mode. Which is amazing and it works kinda cool.

First, let me show you how to keep a wallpaper most of you know it already but just to expose this feature we have to do this.

Go to settings then select wallpaper then choose new wallpaper.

Hidden iPhone Feature

After that chosing you will have 3 options here Perspective, Still, Live.

Hidden iPhone Feature

And now watch close there are 2 options which has 2 different functions.

Hidden iPhone Feature

1. Still mode basically by applying this mode your photo won’t move after the lock.

Hidden iPhone Feature

2. Perspective mode. This is the hidden feature by applying this mode according to the direction your wallpaper will change. Amazing right.

Hidden iPhone Feature

Now explore this trick to impress your friends. Hope you liked the hidden feature. Thanks for stopping by. And bookmark this website for more.

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