iQOO Neo 7 gathers the strengths of the previous Neo series to create a comprehensive MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ flagship, with comprehensive improvements in performance, screen, video, fast charging, battery, and the top mid-range.


Design has always been the stage of the flagship. From iPhone X to Huawei Mate 40 Pro, from vivo X50 Pro+ to OPPO Find X2 Pro, everyone showed their talents on the stage of flagship, bringing us generations of classic designs. However, as flagship phones gradually release themselves in the pursuit of design recognition, mid-range phones with more conservative designs have become the face value of various brands. iQOO Neo 7 is such a product.

The classic film cloud-level design, retro-future design concept. iQOO Neo 7, which did not deliberately pursue recognition, has become one of the best-looking products on the iQOO product line. And thanks to the COP package, the chin and frame of the iQOO Neo 7 are well narrowed, and the frontal look and feel is significantly improved compared to the iQOO Neo 6. It is a pity that iQOO Neo 7 is still a rigid plastic frame, otherwise the texture can go to another level.

I don’t know when it started, manufacturers like to use plain leather material on flagship phones, and even only plain leather is available on some models. The plain leather material is lighter than glass, and the bare metal will have a better feel, but the plain leather material is not conducive to heat dissipation, and its durability is not as good as that of glass.

If the flagship chooses the plain leather to reduce the weight, so that the fuselage will not be too heavy, or the image flagship uses the plain leather to make the camera look more like a camera, then the mid-range chooses the plain leather.

There seems to be some reason missing. But the market has two sides. More and more manufacturers choose plain leather, which is enough to show that the sales of the plain leather version are good. Just like OLED and curved screens, many people do not like and have to accept the fact that they have become mainstream.

Display and Performance

The overall improvement of the configuration is the biggest selling point of the iQOO Neo 7 this time, 6.78-inch Samsung E5 screen, DC-like dimming, Dimensity 9000+ processor, independent graphics chip Pro+, enhanced LPDDR5+ RAM overclocked UFS 3.1 ROM, 120W fast charging cord 5000mAh battery, IMX776V (OIS), 8MP ultra-wide angle, 2MP macro tcamera, 16MP front camera, dual X-axis linear motor, dual screen down pressure, dual speaker game three-piece set, supports infrared and NFC. It can be said that iQOO Neo 7 is a comprehensive sub-flagship mobile phone.

iQOO Neo7 finally got on TSMC’s 4nm Dimensity 9000+ at the end of the year. So how does the Dimensity 9000+ perform in terms of temperature control compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen1. We first measured the temperatures of iQOO Neo 7 and iQOO Neo 6 in a static state, which were 26°C and 26.4°C, respectively.

Then in a room with a room temperature of 25°C, play two games with iQOO Neo 7 and iQOO Neo 6, and set ultra-high frame rate and extreme picture quality at the same time. After the two games, the highest temperature of iQOO Neo 7 is 31.9℃, and the highest temperature of iQOO Neo 6 is 37.2℃.

Even in October when the weather turns cooler, the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ still shows an absolute advantage over the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in terms of temperature control.

Battery Life and Charging Speed

It can be said that the battery life of the iQOO Neo 7 is still very satisfactory. When the dual 5G and Bluetooth are turned on the iQOO Neo7 still has a good battery life. The 5000mAh large battery improves the battery life immediately.

iQOO Neo product line joined the 120W family for the first time, and everyone should also be looking forward to the fast charging performance of iQOO Neo 7. After actual measurement, iQOO Neo 7 takes 9 minutes to charge from 1% to 50%, and 26 minutes to fully charge.

The charging speed of iQOO Neo 7 is not as fast as expected, and it feels that the large battery will indeed weaken the fast charging level to a certain extent.

Display Experience

The poor screen performance of iQOO Neo 5 has made many people worried about the screen of the iQOO Neo product line. This time, the iQOO Neo 7 is directly installed on the Samsung E5 screen, and with DC-like dimming, the overall look and feel is very good. Even in a dark light environment, iQOO Neo 7 will not have obvious stroboscopic, and the look and feel is very close to the well-received screen on iQOO 10.

In terms of gameplay, iQOO Neo 7 inherits the dual X-axis linear motor, dual-screen pressure-sensitive, dual-speaker game three-piece set on iQOO 10. 4D game vibration, iQOO Neo 7 no matter whether it is playing, all have good vibration feedback and operating experience. It can be seen that whether it is hardware configuration or game adaptation, iQOO has a kind of meaning to make the Neo series the next flagship of e-sports.

Camera Performance

The camera has always been the most surprising part of the iQOO Neo product line. From iQOO Neo 5 to iQOO Neo 6, iQOO Neo has always been the mobile phone with the best video performance at the same price. This time, iQOO Neo 7 upgraded the Sony IMX766V custom main camera, plus OIS optical image stabilization, the image performance is still very exciting.

In daytime imaging, iQOO Neo 7 shows very skilled color control. The blue sky, the half-green and yellow grass, the fragrant osmanthus trees, the gazebo in the distance, the moment we pressed the shutter, iQOO Neo 7 left the best colors.

In my impression, many mid-range phones are not very good in color reproduction, and there will be a large deviation between what the eyes see and the colors shown in the photos, and the performance of iQOO Neo 7 is really surprising.

Whether it is the dark green at the top of the sign or the turquoise below, iQOO Neo 7 has achieved good color reproduction. And in terms of background blur, iQOO Neo 7 also achieves a good shallow depth of field effect, and the photos are very three-dimensional.

However, the white balance restoration of the iQOO Neo 7 on the bluestone road is still yellowish. Although the yellowness of the iQOO Neo 6 has been significantly improved, the road surface should be gray rather than yellowish.

In terms of night scene pictures, the performance of iQOO Neo7 is really surprising. The clean picture, excellent highlight suppression, and color reproduction are also just right. The outsole Sony IMX766V and OIS make the night scene performance of iQOO Neo 7 come to the position of the flagship goalkeeper, and the usability is very good.

In a low-light environment, iQOO Neo 7 will automatically recognize the night scene mode, but there will be some differences from manually adjusting to the night scene mode. The overall picture of automatic night scene mode will be darker, while the overall picture of manual night scene mode will be much brighter. If you like a brighter picture, it is recommended to directly switch to night scene mode.

My opinion on this device

If the flagship phone is the manufacturer’s pursuit of the latest technology, then the mid-range phone is the manufacturer’s reflection on the actual needs of users. iQOO Neo 7 has a Samsung E5 screen, MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ processor, 120W fast charging and 5000mAh battery, Sony IMX766V main camera, dual X-axis linear motor, each configuration does not seem to be the strongest, but combining them is the strongest end smartphone.

Which is more worth buying iQOO Neo 7 than iQOO 10?

First of all, there is a difference in pricing between these two products. For example, under the high-end version of 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM, iQOO 10 is 3799 yuan, iQOO Neo 7 is 2999 yuan, and the price difference is 800 yuan.

If you have a limited budget, then iQOO Neo 7 will be a more cost-effective choice. On the contrary, iQOO 10 has a more flagship feel in texture such as metal frame.

Secondly, iQOO 10 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, and iQOO Neo 7 is a MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ processor. There is not much difference in performance between the two, but in terms of stability or the manufacturer’s proficiency in tuning different chips, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 + Gen1 will indeed be more reassuring than MediaTek Dimensity 9000+.

However, iQOO Neo 7 perfectly inherits the core configuration of iQOO 10, Samsung E5 screen, dual X-axis linear motor/dual screen pressure sensitivity/dual speaker game three-piece set, 120W fast charging, even the battery is still larger 5000mAh, which is cheaper at 800 yuan, the price/performance ratio of iQOO Neo 7 is very high.

iQOO Neo 7 will be a more cost-effective choice, while iQOO 10 will be better in texture and processor, and the new Isle of Man color scheme is also very good-looking.

Rudhra Nandu

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