Israeli Company Claims Apple Copied Its Dual-Camera TechnologyIsraeli Company Claims Apple Copied Its Dual-Camera Technology

Apple Copied: The famous iPhone manufacturer, Apple has recently released their next-generation iPhone X which is running successfully on the market. However, the tech company is facing a big trouble, but it’s not about iPhone X. An Israeli firm, Corephotonics has filed a lawsuit against Apple in which they sue the company to copy their technology. The Israeli firm said that Apple has copied their dual-camera technology on iPhones 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.

A firm from Tel Aviv commands that the tech company Apple imitated and adopted their camera technology. They further said that Apple has installed their technology on the iPhone, and that too without legal permission. In a case filed against the Cupertino company Apple, the president of the Israeli startup firm Corephotonics David Mendlovic blames the Apple company for refusing a partnership proposed by the startup.

Israeli Company Claims Apple Copied Its Dual-Camera Technology
Israeli Company Claims Apple Copied Its Dual-Camera Technology

A member the tech company, Apple communicated with the president of the Israeli startup firm Corephotonics, David Mendlovic and said that they would indeed intend the probability of infringing the copyrights of the Israeli firm. As per the case filed by the firm, “the iPhone maker, Apple’s head moderator showed disgrace for Corephotonics’ copyright, saying Dr. Mendlovic and many others who likewise if Apple violated, it will need many years, and millions of dollars in a lawsuit previous Apple could need to spend something”.

Till now, the tech firm Apple didn’t claim anything openly regarding the matter, but the according to some approved reports, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the developer of Apple always make their personal patents for the innovative cameras of the iPhone and iPad. However, some reports claim that Corephotonics, the Israel firm has achieved to propose $15 million from the famous investors like the South Korean Samsung Ventures, Foxconn, MediaTek, and SanDisk.

We will soon get more reports regarding the case filled. In the session, the firm is informed by the business Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, the equivalent group who manages the lawsuit filed by Samsung versus Apple concerning probable patent infringement.

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