ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And ConsISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And Cons

ISUNPO 3D VR: Virtual Reality headset is in high demand, and previously we have reviewed a mindblowing VR headset from Elzoneta. If you are not satisfied with the features of Elzoneta VR headset, then we are here with another device from ISUNPO. It comes with many tremendous features and specs. You will get high-quality 3D experience and 360 Panorama view. Moreover, you will get all these high-grade features at an affordable price tag. Without wasting much time, let’s consider the full review of the tremendous ISUNPO Virtual Reality headset.

ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

3D High-Definition Viewing Experience

ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And Cons
ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

The ISUNPO headset features HD lens 3D VR glasses which offers users with 360 panoramas. The users can carry the headset anywhere without any disturbance in your movies and videos. You can easily see and roam around. It offers you the perfect Virtual Reality experience. The Stereo headphones make your movies more real and splendid 3D experiences. You can watch movies and play games without any lag. It protects your eyes from the harmful 72% Blue-rays. It includes PMMA aspherical lens which is developed from Japan. You can adjust pupil distance up to 60-70mm and 44-53mm focal length. We have not received any customer complaint regarding the lens of the product.

Amazing Design and Feature

ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And Cons
ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

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The ISUNPO headset is made with the advanced quality material. The exterior cover is of high-grade environment-friendly ABS plastic substance. It features T-shaped strap which looks good when you wear it. The adopted PU leather is soft and nonirritating for every skin type. It doesn’t harm your eyes after wearing for a long time. However, the specialist recommended every VR users to give rest to their eyes after half an hour of watching. It has a detachable headset which you can remove anytime, and connect an earphone to the device. It can easily open and close the front. The device is compact and lightweight.

ISUNPO consists of handy buttons on the base. The left side button allows you to play or pause videos and music. The left side buttons are also used for Volume up, Volume down, answering and rejecting calls. The right button is the Touchscreen button which is associated just with shooting games. So, if you like playing shooting games, then go for this headset. It comes with multifunctional knobs on the cover. You can use the right and the left knobs for setting pupil range. The middle knobs are concerned with changing the focal length, widening vision, and reducing eye fatigue. There are two cracks and detachable front panel for heat radiation.


Comfortable VR Product

Compared to other VR headset’s, this one is more comfortable. The built-in detachable, flexible and breathable leather pad comforts your ears and you don’t seem irritating while viewing your favorite movies and games. The movable T-shaped strap can reduce pressure on nose and head, which is proper for everyone. It weighs just 1.4 pounds and is of 7.5 x 5.1 x 3.5 inches in dimension.

Compatibility and Bluetooth Remote Controller

ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And Cons
ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

ISUNPO supports a powerful multifunctional Bluetooth remote controller which can be worked like a gamepad, media controller and Bluetooth selfie shutter, but all these features are just for Android users. The remote controller features dual modes so you can easily switch to the game mode or a gamepad, switch it to the key mode and use it to manage your Android device camera and music efficiently. If you are an Android user, then you must try this VR headset. I bet, you will definitely like this product.

ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And Cons
ISUNPO 3D VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

If you are iPhone user, then you don’t have to be sad as it is also compatible with iOS platform also. So, overall it is compatible with Android, IOS and PC devices. You have to insert two AAA batteries which you have to buy because it is not the available product. You can use the VR headset for longer after inserting the AAA batteries. It supports all devices featuring 4.7-6.0 inches of the touchscreen display.

Pros And Cons

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1. Great Image Quality
2. Comes with removable headphones
3. Supports Wide Range of Devices
4. Advanced Controller
5. Light Weight

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1. None


So, buy the ISUNPO VR headset are enjoy watching 3D home cinema. Play real adventure and fighting games with the inbuilt stereo sound experience. This product is exclusively available on Amazon. If you have are the new purchaser of VR headset or recently got a brand new iPhone X, then buy this device. It will offer more dazzling appearance when connected with iPhones as well as Android.

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