IT Programmer Killed Himself After Listening Music In His HeadphonesIT Programmer Killed Himself After Listening Music In His Headphones

Daniel Derricutt aged 24 was having trouble sleeping because constantly his ear was buzzing. It is said this happened just when he bought a pair of Bose headphone and had listened to music with it. At the end of November, Daniel was got stretching by a friend at home he enjoyed with his brother in Crewe, Cheshire, following companies about his welfare. Daniel’s best friend Joshua Johnson told the Crewe hearing if he was suffering from tinnitus problem. He explained it was like a toothache, and kind of a nagging pain.

After Listening Music In Headphones, The IT Programmer Killed Himself
After Listening Music In Headphones, The IT Programmer Killed Himself

This hurt had started when he brought some Bose headphones. He told after listing to music it caused his ears to ring. Daniel sold the headphone just after the month he got. The other earphone was fine but he was not able to listen to the loud music. After that, he discussed the hearing about their friendship as they all were hanging together and enjoyed working in the team. Daniel was ambitious and driven also loved programming. All friend was learning German together at evening classes with a sense of visiting Berlin or the Formula 1 races one day which was his aim.

Last time they were found watching a TV programme together and ordered a pizza and walked off home. There was no expression on his face or not a kind of intention to quit his life it was all appeared normal. Frederick Derricutt Daniel’s father told that their bond was amazing and spent lots of time. Daniel was with him last two years and refurbish his house. He was living with his brother Alex. Alex left the university in September 2017, after that both brother owned a property between them which was fine between the brother.

Last he was seen with his family Christening on 26th November he said that he was ill because and feeling tired. After the Christening, Alex was dropped at home and the friends went to check Daniel they asked whether he is fine he said he is feeling tired. he was free from mental health issues and also stay away from drugs or smoked. He was a person who ever thought of self-harming or suicide. Daniel had not left the suicide note.

In investigating police saw that a cardboard had been fixed carefully on the windows of the house and a vacuum cleaner is left facing the front door. Coroner Adam Fullwood said he had found an element of planning as he had blocked off the letterbox and windows so nobody can disturb or stop. there was no proof that he was self-harming. He believes that it was his own decision if taking his life but we will never come to know the reason for taking this step. This is a disastrous and painful case.

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