The Awesome iTableview Camera Car Launched by TTRobotixThe Awesome iTableview Camera Car Launched by TTRobotix

iTableview Camera Car: Now the good news for all the photographers because we have brought a new way to click photos and capture your memorable moment. Two weeks ago TTRobotix revealed their iTableview camera car at the CES show in Las Vegas. This is the four-wheeled movable camera which you can handle with your smartphone.

The Awesome iTableview Camera Car Launched by TTRobotix
The Awesome iTableview Camera Car Launched by TTRobotix

The iTableview is really easy to fix the camera and get different and unique shots. Using this system you can get your desire photos and videos. The car is inserted into a mount which makes you easy to install and bolt different types of cameras from which you want to shoot. You will get HD quality pictures and videos.

The iTableview is the best product for the professionals. You can operate the unique car with your iOS or Android smart device. You can adjust speed, circle radius, and route in the car. An optional feature is also present in the car which is gimbal using this feature you are available for more durable shooting. This helps you to get the accurate images you want.

The car come with holes of 1/4” and 3/8” thread for attaching cameras or photography these are linked devices. The car also supports DV, GoPro, Smartphone, amateur camera, professional camera, and Gimbal for capturing the photos. When the car extends the length becomes 252.8 mm, width as 168.6 mm and height is up to 65.8 mm.

The car wheelbase is 165 mm and weight is 950 g which is not so heavy. You can easily carry the car ever you go for tour or travel. The car should have AAA batteries for power. It is compatible with camera slider that can handle photos from various angle. The car can travel anywhere where to cannot reach.

You have to connect your car to your smart devices using WiFi technology and use smartphone APPs to have full remote control. The autorun function is used with adjustable steering for video or time-lapse photography. So enjoy using this iTableview Camera Car for excellent photos and video.

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