Image Courtesy of Huami

The Chinese Athletic Team and Huami Corp. have formally signed a cooperation agreement. This is the first official partnership between a smart wearable tech manufacturer and the Chinese Athletics Association this year. The objective of the partnership is to collaborate in the development of Chinese sports by leveraging research and development, big data and brand power of wearable smart devices from Huami.

Yu Hongchen, the Vice President of the Chinese Athletics Association supported the initiative. He said that the partnership will champion the adoption of healthy lifestyles and foster the sports spirit in the whole of Chinese society. This is necessary to build a vibrant and leading sporting nation. 


The partnership will last for five years beginning 2020 until 2025. During this period the two sides will work together with the goal of contributing towards several upcoming games. Those include the 2021 World Athletics Championships. The Tokyo Olympics. The 2022 Asian Games. The 2023 World Athletics Championship and the Paris 2024 Olympics. Chinese Athletics Association will involve Huami in service and operational matters.

The terms of the agreement as adopted give Huami Corp. full rights on all matters related to wearable smart technology and devices such as smartwatches, smart glasses, smart wristbands, smartphones, and smart earphones. Amazfit PowerBuds earphones and the Amazfit Stratos 3 smartwatch, two of Huami Corp. two flagship products, will be top of the list of the initial batch of smart wearable tech products endorsed by Chinese Athletics Team. 

We’ve learned that the two sides intend to come up with a joint lab for the track and field. That will conduct research in ways to achieve healthy lifestyles. The laboratory will aggregate data from Huami’s wearable smart technology devices to study Chinese sports enthusiasts and professional athletes, via artificial intelligence linked smart algorithms and big data technology.

They will regularly publish research insights backed by industry best practices. Aimed at encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles and even more so those involved in athletics for better training. 

Amazfit Brand

Huami is a leader in smart wearable technology with years of experience. The company has quickly cemented itself in the global healthcare system. As a respected manufacturer of smart treadmills, sports gear, smart wrists, sports earphones, and smartwatches.

Amazfit is popular in most of the developed world and commands significant smart devices market share in countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany. Huami sold close to 200 million smart devices by Q4 2019.

They also maintain a massive database of sports and health data. And are constantly ahead of the curve in terms of R&D investment in the space. Meanwhile, they continue to forge strategic partnerships globally in sports and fitness and through M&A of successful companies such as Zepp International Ltd and Physical Enterprises Inc.