Recently launched Pokemon go game has been the most downloaded in many countries. And the fever of this game continues among the users. Basically, the game is only the beta launch for Australia, But the traffic was more than expectancy and they have to manage servers to keep the game running not only that they have also shut down the game in few places due to server issues. Enough with the info now let’s hop into the invention. When it comes to inventions Japanese are first among the world for inventing games and accessories.

And recently they invented something special for Pokemon go players all around the world and previously to play the game the player have to carry the mobile in bare hands and walk around all the city to catch the Pokemon which makes the user difficult to carry a mobile in hand and focuses both on the phone and also on the surroundings.

Well now you don’t need to worry about the phone and also the Pokemon alert, They invented Poké – Han (Pokémon Hanger) to rest your hands. while you’re walking miles to find the rare Pokémons.


The concept of this invention is to wear Poke – Han (Pokémon Hanger) in your neck. And you might find it weird to people. By wearing it the game would be soo easy to play and you can catch em all.


This invention is very good for concentrating on the game and also for your surroundings. This will prevent the players from accidents for sure.

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Now the only weird thing about this game is you will find the Poke – Han a little embarrassing in public.

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Now here is the link to watch the video of players playing the game.

Hope you liked the video along with the article, this article basically for Pokemon Go lovers!

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