Meet Chinese Made 'Jia Jia' Unexpected Human-Like RobotMeet Chinese Made 'Jia Jia' Unexpected Human-Like Robot

Meet Chinese Made ‘Jia Jia’ Unexpected Human-Like Robot 

Meet ‘Jia Jia’ a women in a robotic form, a women who can make facial expression and can hold normal conversation. Last year in 2016 the team of engineers at the University of Science and Technology of China trolled Jia Jia as unsuccessful project.

Jia Jia creator Chen Xiaoping believes this robot will be the future cyborg labour in China and will not replace human labour. Jia Jia can hold a simple conversation and can make specific facial expressions.

Jia Jia With Team

China’s first pure human-like robot Jia Jia made proud her father Chen Xiaoping. On 2017 January, 9th of monday at economic conference organised by banking giant USB in Shanghai. Jia Jia was presented and people had conversation with her in return she made many expressions and wow feeling feedback.

Jia Jia father Chen Xiaoping believes that in the near future Artificial Intelligent robots like Jia Jia will perform wide range of unskilled tasks in many areas such as Households, hospitals, restaurants in china and nursing homes.

Chen Xiaoping said “Within 5 to 10 years there will be a lot of applications will be for robots in China”

Jia Jia Robot With Conversation

Jia Jia with flowing black hair and dressed in a traditional chinese way, she looks extremely real. People can ask several questions but still there are some limits within the prototype of Jia Jia, simple questions on her will stumped the questionnaire.

Chen said that her AI development took the whole team for 2 years and of course other technology firm has criticise them for some fail tests, Jia Jia has got developed AI but still it is a prototype from Chen.

She can answer several questions belongs to her AI capacity, she can answer questions like today’s weather, can hold basic conversation as what is her name and what gender she represents (if asked), she also recognise the gender she is talking with, she said “You are a handsome man” she also replied to the question whether she has a boyfriend but she said “I prefer to stay single”

Jia Jia Father Chen Xiaoping

In January 2017 first week in Las Vegas there was a Consumer Electronics show, the show was all about consumer electronics item as smartphones smart gadgets and AI. The rapid advancements system in AI has been presented where the products are programmed in a way that can respond to a voice commands to play music at home, can switch ON/Off lights all are based on commands, the AI that can recognise things entering on room as feet recognition system.

Jia Jia father Chen Xiaoping see a bright future for her kind in China. He said there are growing success which reduce Chinese youth to give up jobs like waitressing and home servant, and in the situation of growing population there would be required more hands to support hospitals and nursing homes no matter if there is not an human hands.


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