Larry Page's Future Flying Car On Sale SoonerLarry Page's Future Flying Car On Sale Sooner

Larry Page’s Future Flying Car: The flying car is always a dream of every tech lover. Everyone wish to buy a flying car ever built. This dream has come true. Yes, you heard it right. Larry Page has made it possible with his mind blowing idea. He made a flying car the Kitty Hawk Flyer. It is a project which intends at building genuine and beneficial flying cars.

According to the CEO and originator of Google self-driving car scheme, Sebastian Thrun said that the future is not so far. They are trying to launch the Larry Page’s Flyer in the market by last of 2017. You can watch the complete project in a video. In the video, you can see Kitty Hawk Flyer flying above a lake. You can see the video at the last of this article.

Larry Page's Future Flying Car On Sale Sooner
Larry Page’s Future Flying Car On Sale Sooner

Larry Page’s Future Flying Car, According to the New York Times, the examination of Kitty Hawk located at a lake near San Francisco. As seen in the video, the Kitty Hawk looks more like a flying motorcycle than a flying car. It can be seen with an open-air design and crafts to promote its water landing. Only a single person can ride the Kitty Hawk at a time. It possesses eight rotors and makes a loud noise. This type of sound can be heard ripping over spectacular lakes like an overpowered speedboats sound. The electrical flying car is not harmful to the surrounding in any way.

There are certain rules for the Kitty Hawk Flyer. The flyer should give express tours. According to the FAA guidance, the flyer is categorized under the ultralight aircraft which doesn’t need a pilot’s license. As per FAA rules, the ultralight aircraft category can be launched only in the least densely populated cities. The Company has not fixed the selling price, but it will come by the end of this year. The flyer is still in progress because of its noise. The final product will be more advanced than in the video.

You can join the “Flyer Discovery Membership” by giving a one-time payment of $100. By paying for the Kitty Hawk membership, you can obtain the get the release information in advance. You can also get the flight simulator, presentations, and external videos related to the flyer. By activating the membership you will be automatically obtained the “priority placement” in the pre-order queue. You will be offered a huge discount of $2,000 when the pre-order starts.

The first version of the flying car was designed for hobbyists and fun activities. Afterward, the company decided to advance this project with reducing the traffic on the road. Sebastian Thrun with two aerospace engineers Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert said that this project is fascinating for space followers. We hope to get Kitty Hawk soon.

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