Blade 7000

Lenovo is taking the gaming world by a storm. The Beijing-based tech giant recently released a gaming monster machine, meet the demand, Lenovo has recently released a monster machine, the Lenovo Savior Blade 7000 UIY. The gaming computer host is designed with GTX 1660 Super GPU and the Intel Core i7-9700F processor. Lenovo will launch the machine on April 18 at a retail price of 6999 yuan ($995).  

‌The Lenovo Blade 7,000 was announced by the @WolStame, Lenovo China Game Desktop Product Planning Manager on the Weibo. The motherboard of the new generation Blade 7000 desktop will be equipped with a Type-C interface. It will also have 4 memory slots and its CPU power supply is a  4 + 8pin input reaching 200W + stable power supply.

The Savior Blade 7000 UIY desktop computer utilizes a 130W side-blown tower radiator. Its processor is the eight-thread Intel i7-9700F octa-core processor which delivers a speed of 3.0GHz with a maximum frequency of 4.7GHz single core. It also has 2 USB interfaces ( front and rare) such as DVI \ HDMI \ DP. It is equipped with the GTX 1660 Super video card and an added 6GB video memory.

One of the differences between the new Blade 7000 motherboard and older models is the legion logo which is built around the CPU socket. Asides it’s listed features, the Blade 7,000 also comes heatsinks covering the VRMs, PCI and PCH regions and a 5.1 Channel Audio Output.

The Blade 7,000 2020 is an update to Lenovo’s 7000 series. The upgrade includes the addition of Intel Coffee Lake CPUs and the Intel Core i7-9700F. With the launch of the new Blade 7000 series motherboards coming, Lenovo will definitely appeal to a lot of gamers. 

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By Rebecca