The Chinese tech manufacturer Lenovo has just intruded the smart electric scooter segment. Yesterday, the company released the Smart Electric Scooter M2 via an online broadcasting event in China. It will provide up to 30km of battery life and aluminum alloy fuselage. The vehicle is priced at 1,999 Yuan, whereas the starting price point is 1,699 Yuan.

After carving a reputed space in the PC market, Lenovo also builds a high-impact in the smartphone, earbuds, robotic vacuums and other market domains. Now, the smart electric scooter wing will also be no longer fresh for the brand.

On April 28, the company introduced its first-ever foldable electric vehicle in China. Undoubtedly, electric vehicles are the future of transportation. These have no tendency to harm the environment to any degree. Lenovo also relates the truth and jump the market with a well-furnished foldable bike.

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Lenovo Electric Scooter M2

When it comes to analyzing the technical features of Lenovo’s Smart Electric Scooter M2, it enlists lots of surprises. The chassis of the vehicle is crafted using aluminum alloy high-grade material. The foldable design policy really attracts buyers along with IP54 water-resistant protection.

Lenovo brings an LED control panel on the handlebar of the vehicle. It showcases the speed, gear, power, battery status and lots of operational information in real-time. There is a 18650 power Li-Po battery in the slot to dispel power requirements. On a single fill, it can run for up to 30km.

Moreover, the Lenovo Smart Electric Scooter M2 captures triple shock absorption and braking system. It will give you comprehensive security feel while riding on busy roads. The WeChat app is there to add further bliss.

In terms of weight, the commuting vehicle weighs 15KG but has the potential to bear up to 120KG of weight.

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