LG Display's Insane 65-inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Like PosterLG Display's Insane 65-inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Like Poster

OLED TV: LG has come up with an insane discovery which will let the users roll up the LG Display in a small box. It looks like LG, the expert in making OLED big-screen is not happy with the original 88-inch 8K OLED TV. This could be a reason why the company has revealed world’s first 65-inch rollable 4K OLED display at CES. However, few idea grand-screen TVs presented at previous CES events is flexible. Though, LG has implemented the project and revealed the first flexible TV to roll in tube style. LG’s models represent it sinking in a small case, but the tech firm also speaks regarding the production of the display portable.

LG Display's Insane 65-inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Like Poster
LG Display’s Insane 65-inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Like Poster

The mystery of the technology is exceptional paper-thin organic light emitting diode display (OLED). Horizontal, powerful OLED TVs via LG and others now present the excellent image feature convenient. LGD is basically a distinct firm from LG Electronics or LGE and they have hot revealed the prosaic details such as the release date so it is not clear when we could buy it. The company has also not said the price tag for the flexible OLED TV, yet we can figure out that it is going to be much expensive. The company will reveal the additional details later like what technology they have used for remaining flat and rollable, but then we don’t want to know these as we are just interested in buying it. Isn’t it?

Although, this is not the first rollable TV model by LG Display. Earlier in CES 2016, the users noticed the 18-inch size. The TV was attractive with 1,200 x 810 full HD resolution and large size. We all love large display, especially on the TV. The 18-inch OLED display was compactedly rolled in a cone shape with black stand support. It was wedged in a piece of plastic. At the base, incredibly, swirled images of city skylines and separate demo footage, executed alien by the fixed curvature. It was really exceptional and unusual thing which we haven’t noticed earlier.

We will have to excitedly wait for the 65-inch foldable version TV. If it rolled out in 2018, then it will steal all the attention of the gadgets lovers. We hope that LG’s upcoming models combine enhanced processing, high frame rate capability and voice control. We hope that LG Display will soon release a special report regarding the foldable TV.

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