Foldable devices are the future and we could see different form factors of the technology in the form of rolling, sliding, etc. At least the South Korean display maker LG is testing a hybrid device that can both Roll and Fold as per a new report out in the wild.

LG Hybrid Display
LG Patented Display Technology

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In accordance with the rendered image provided by the source, the mysterious LG device features a rollable AMOLED display making it capable of sliding as well as fold about a particular plain or axis. The device is seemingly a normal product when folded. The thickness is the level of a thin liquid crystal added to a normal smartphone. All parts, such as batteries and mobile application processors (AP), are mounted on the body.

The flexible display wraps the back of the smartphone (main body) in such a way that the screen protrudes to the side of the main body. In this state, if you pull the right side of the smartphone, the curled display spreads out like a scroll, giving rise to a tablet-like form-factor. The design also lets you unfold the display surrounding the main body and use it as a larger screen.

LG has patented the technology, but only the time will tell whether the product will see the light of the day or not. Seeing the path which the smartphone sector is heading in 2020, the form-factor ought to make a cut in the near future. According to a person familiar with the company’s internal affairs, LG Electronics is currently undergoing field tests to improve the durability of the flexible display. Let’s hope the testing to yield positive results as we consumers would like to see innovative smartphone designs.

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