root lg stylo 3 plus

LG Stylo 3 Plus is a mid-ranger from LG which was launched way back in 2017 with Android Nougat 7.0. Unfortunate enough, LG didn’t bother to push even one major update so the device had to end its life with its shipped OS. Nevertheless, thanks to the custom development community, the LG Stylo 3 Plus users can root their device and customize how they want.

root lg stylo 3 plus

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The LG Stylo 3 Plus can be easily bootloader unlocked so rooting or installing custom binaries shouldn’t be cumbersome. As an icing on the cake, there do exist official TWRP support for the device which should make the rooting process much easier. That being said, let’s have a look at how the device can be rooted without any complications.

WARNING! Proceed further if and only if you know the risk associated with flashing custom recovery or rooting. We’re not responsible for any damage or data loss that happens to your device on following this procedure. Do this at your own risk!

The first step in the custom development is to get the device bootloader unlocked.


LG Drivers: Download

Minimal ADB and Fastboot: Download

LG Stylo 3 Plus TWRP: Download

The Latest Magisk: Download

1. Bootloader Unlock – LG Stylo 3 Plus

Make sure you’ve got a PC in which ADB and Fastboot tool is installed. Also, the LG specific driver so that your device port can communicate with the PC.

  1. Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging from the Developer Settings
  2. Reboot to Fastboot Mode: With your device powered off, connect your device to PC via the USB cable while holding VOLUME DOWN to boot into fastboot mode or just type the following command in the command prompt on your PC.

    adb reboot bootloader
  3. Then issue the below command on command prompt     
    fastboot oem unlock

    Note: Bootloader unlock will wipe your data. So, backup your data before unlocking the bootloader

The command “fastboot oem unlock” should unlock the device bootloader enabling the device to install custom binaries or third-party signed flashable zips. Now the next step is to flash the Stylo 3 Plus TWRP custom recovery.

2. Flash TWRP on Stylo 3 Plus

  • Download the LG Stylo 3 Plus official TWRP from the Download Section and save it safely on your PC by renaming it to recovery.img.
  • Once again in command prompt input;   
    fastboot flash recovery <path_to_recovery.img>
  • Note that, in above command replace the <path_to_recovery.img> to the exact file location where you’ve saved the TWRP. For example, if you saved in the C:\ then the command should be
    fastboot flash recovery C:/recovery.img.
  • Once the flashing finishes, unplug the USB cable and power it off by taking out the battery and putting it back in. Never try booting to the system as it can cause boot loop.
  • Boot into recovery for the first time by holding VOLUME DOWN + POWER simultaneously until you see the LG logo and then temporarily release the POWER button, immediately pressing and holding it back down until you see the white prompt [factory reset] screen. You should NEVER release the volume down button in this process!
  • Use the hard keys to select “YES” and again “YES” to boot into TWRP.

Notice: After the TWRP splash screen you will see the option to type in the password to decrypt the filesystem just ignore it and press the cancel button.

Once you’re in the TWRP it’s time to disable encryption.

WARNING! The stock boot image has DM-Verity, which prevents the device from booting if system modifications enabled using TWRP! So as a solution, DM-Verity disablers should be flashed.

3. How to Disable Encryption and Flash Magisk 

  • In TWRP, go to Wipe > Format Data. Enter the keyword ‘yes‘, in the provided space and enter. This will wipe the automatically encrypted filesystem, and decrypt it.
  • Once the wiping is done, reboot back into recovery. Go to Reboot > Recovery.
  • When the recovery boots again, connect your phone to the PC and Enable MTP under the Mount section.
  • Transfer the downloaded ‘no-verity-opt-encrypt-**.zip’ and to your internal storage or external SD Card.
  • Disconnect the device from PC.
  • Tap on Install from TWRP. Now, navigate your phone’s storage and select ‘no-verity-opt-encrypt-**.zip’. Finally swipe the ‘Swipe to confirm Flash’ button on the bottom of the screen.LG Stylo 3 Plus TWRP
  • The flashing process will merely take a few seconds. And when it’s done, follow the same method to flash the root package Magisk_**.zipMagisk Zip
  • Wait for 1 to 2 minutes after the zip files are done flashing then reboot to System and that’s it!

Your phone may take 3-5 minutes to boot the first time and it might boot-loop once or twice at the Metro PCS splash screen but no need to panic as it’ll eventually boot. To confirm whether your device is rooted, search for the Magisk Manager icon on the app drawer or use a root checker app.LG Stylo 3 Plus Root

We hope you’d a smooth and error-free experience while trying to root your device. In case if you haven’t understood any of the steps, feel free to ask us down in the comments. We’d like to help you out.

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