LG OLED transparent screen


LG has plans to move OLED screens to smartphones. A subsidiary of LG – LG Display currently supplies the world with OLED screens as it is one of the few available suppliers in the world. However, it is common to see large-sized OLED displays for TVs and other products but not for smartphones.

LG Display announced on April 13 that at the upcoming tech event, it will decorate a special studio using transparent OLED screens. In collaboration with MBC, the next-generation display at the event will be broadcasted on the 15th of April. Reports have it that the next generation of transparent OLED screens will have full HD resolution with 40% transparency. A total of 6 LG’s new generation transparent OLED screens will be unveiled.

For the first time ever, LG will be releasing a transparent OLED to the general viewers. It allows you to see the objects behind the panel even when the power is on. The screen is as transparent as glass. LG Display will install six of the transparent OLEDs in the MBC main studio. The screen will display various contents such as providing viewers with different insights and SF-like images. 

LG will also install a transparent OLED signage in a separate studio outdoors. The signage will aid in delivering unique information on changing counts. The OLED screens will be 55-inch in size and 40% transmissive. It will also have full HD resolution unlike existing commercially available transparent LCD, that has just 10% transmittance.

The OLED has a transmittance advantage structurally as it emits light by itself without a backlight. LG Display is great at making OLED TV screens, however, they are constantly innovating in this area. In February 2019, LG display started producing 55-inch full-HD transparent OLED and now it is taking it a step further. 

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By Rebecca