LG’s rolling phone has been leaked many times before. Also, LG Electronics registered the trademark “LG Rollable” in Europe this week. Several media speculated that it will become LG’s next-generation rolling (curl) smartphone. Plus, from the patent, we can learn that the machine is expected to support stylus.

LG Rollable

Last month, a new report by South Korean media Elec showed that LG will release a device with a scrollable display in March next year. The development code of this device is “B Project”.

In addition, the machine was unveiled in the last few seconds of the LG Wing conference and is expected to be released as the second Explorer Project series model.

Korean media said that the new “B Project” can pull out the screen from the side. It looks and feels similar to Samsung’s folding screen phones. But the technical principles are completely different.

The patented LG model uses a flexible display that can be partially rolled up and hidden in the shell. In the smallest state, it is equivalent to the size of an ordinary smartphone. With the scrolling and sliding mechanism, the phone can be pulled to the left and right.

After pulling out, the screen area will be enlarged by 100%. If necessary, the user can also decide to use only one method. When the screen is pulled out, the left and right screens will extend accordingly. So the screen can be well protected by the casing.

In order to better understand the main principles of this design, the aforementioned source made some renders.

As you can see, in contrast to a foldable device with a hinge in the middle, the rolling mechanism is located on both sides of the device. That means, you simply pull out the rest of the display from the sides. When the device is unwound, the frame also moves with the display. This indicates that the bezel also serves as protection for the housing of the rollable display. The display of the LG smartphone with a pull-out roller screen in an OLED panel with a metal housing.

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