Now You Can Light Up The iPhone Apple Logo Just Like A MacbookNow You Can Light Up The iPhone Apple Logo Just Like A Macbook

You might have seen the light in the logo of apple on a MacBook, What if I tell you that you can do the same with your iPhone? Have you ever imagined how cool it would look when you have an iPhone which is a little decent looking compare to other iPhones out there? Yes, it is possible and all you need to do is follow the steps below carefully and also it can be done by yourself at home.

You will need few repair tools in order to open up your iPhone completely. This trick requires basically few things which will be used in order to assign a LED in the place of your Apple’s logo.

Steps to follow very carefully(Do at your own risk)

1. Normally this is how your iPhone looks and you can see the results after the whole steps. And after this trick, your phone will look like the first image in this article.

2. The basic items you need is a light kit. Which is very helpful in opening the screws of your iPhone. You can buy the Light kit from here, Light Kit will be required while opening the phone and placing the Light Kit. It consists of a LED strip, tape, insulation and a toolkit. These parts will be used throughout the whole thing.

3. You should turn your phone off to start the process because you cannot discharge the battery of a functioning phone.

4. Now you can find 2 screws on the bottom of your phone and remove them with the help of screwdriver which you will find in the toolkit.

5. Now to avoid display damage’s you need to stick the suction cup on the screen. Which is also available in the kit. This is optional if you want to go further without doing it, Then you can proceed. But you got to hold the display by one hand straight 90 degrees angle.

6. Now on the top right corner, you will find the silver metal plate just remove it by removing screws. After removing the screw and the plate unconnect the cables from screen to motherboard.

you will find the silver metal plate
you will find the silver metal plate

7. Watch the picture below and you will get the idea from where to remove the connectors of the battery in order to remove the battery. Do it carefully you might end up damaging the connectors.


8. After you remove the battery you will find a tape on the screen just scrap it off. Then you will see three metal connectors.


9. Now with the screwdriver, Remove the silver layer as shown in the picture below, Do it very gently.


10. Now you will see the apple’s logo just place the LED right there and check if it is placed properly. And then put the connectors back.

13988762_1058217840958179_319810804_n (1)

11. Put the foam just like in the picture below and stick it with the help of tape. Now fit the screen back and then put the screws back in the bottom. You’re good to go.


When you switch on your iPhone LED will light up. The time your display is ON, LED will also be ON.

Watch the Video you will understood what and how actually you can solve the trick!

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