List of Countries With The Fastest Mobile Internet SpeedList of Countries With The Fastest Mobile Internet Speed

After the last year’s report of 4G LTE data, The Open network is all new with the report of 2017 into the state of national mobile networks. But this year the report will examine additional 3G and 4G Internet speed record’s and coverage area’s together.

This is the best way to analyze the network availability among the countries and the improvements compare to earlier years. With the help of this, we can know the consumer experience and the best network speed checker to offer the fastest networks.

People who use the open network software were the key ingredients as the global data set was gathered from users who use this open source network. There were 822,556 users data collected from all around the globe, This will give us the clear idea about how much the user’s use WiFi network compare to 4G LTE network, Because of the speed difference.

Countries With The Fastest Mobile Internet Speed

South Korea is on the top of the list at 1st place with its amazing 41Mbps speed, Singapore is the second to stand after Korea with the speed of 31Mbps, And the list goes on with Hungary as third on the list with 26 Mbps.

These values are evaluated on the basis of users from different countries so this clearly means that the country with a larger network and with more speed will be favourable in performance, which set’s the rank of the network on the list.

Countries With The Fastest Mobile Internet Speed

China has bad coverage of network compare to U.S but has more typical data speeds which make it better in the performance on the list. This explains that the more speed you have to most of the areas the more your performance, Also if some places are provided with high speed with 4G LTE and others with 2G then these areas will not be benefited with proper speed network

Due to low 4G speed in some areas the users are dependent on WiFi which leads the network loss, Also these 4G data plans have low data balance which makes 50 % of users to move for WiFi. In most of the countries, the 4G data plan is much expensive compared to broadband. So in countries like Netherlands, Newzealand and china users prefer WiFi.

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