How To Increase & Decrease Google's Keyboard Height On Android

As we all know that Google is always trying to provide better users experience and for that every day new customization experiment on Google lab, the recent feature from Google is provided for its Keyboard function, users can adjust their Keyboard height as per their need.

Google users are in millions, and for that it has different users with different choice, if you are not be able to justify with their android Keyboard advanced feature then we are here to share an interesting feature which Google has updated its Google Keyboard. Download the updated Google Keyboard and you are good to receive the advanced feature.

How To Increase & Lower Google’s Keyboard Height On Android

There are three different people using Google Keyboard, one is the Fastest Typing, The average speed typing and the slower typer. The fastest are always in a hurry and they need their keys near their thumb and for that they themselves adjusting as per the old Keyboard design, the average types are automatically trying to adjust themselves as per the screen Google Keyboard size, and the slowest are always slowest, they need a screen with some height.

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When you are using any messenger or WhatsApp you can see your below when you start typing and at that time, Tap and hold on the comma button which will slide you to the settings button, you can see the comma button next to the long space button. Hold and press it will show you a Setting button, move on that you will be under Google Keyboard settings.

After click on Google keyboard settings you will be under Google Keyboard settings in which you can find out other settings such as Text Correction, Languages, Preferences, gesture typing, Dictionary and Advanced. Tap on Preferences.

After the update, you can find new functions and feature with an option that was earlier not there but now after the update, it came up with Key Border, custom styles and keyboard height. And you have to tap on Keyboard height from where you will use the height of your Google keyboard.

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Use the height of the Keyboard as per your choice, there are five different kinds of height selection, Short, Mid-Short, Normal, Mid-tall and Tall. Select as per your best suits you, if your screen is small than selecting the small keyboard will make your them more close which will make more mistakes, better use as per your own comfort.

The step is very simple, if you have any doubt then feel free to use the below comment box to ask you a question.

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