How To Make Your Browsing Safe And Secure From Any AttackHow To Make Your Browsing Safe And Secure From Any Attack

As we know that browsing is a part of our daily activity. Once you attacked by anyone you may lose your personal data, passwords, and banking details. So you should be careful while browsing as the online threats are increasing day by day. Here I will give you some tips on How To Make Your Browsing Safe And Secure From Any Attack

1. Always up-to-date with your browser:

Whenever browser update releases keep up-to-date with it this makes you more protected. Every time they release  the browser update with new features so that you can get better protection from malware.

How To Make Your Browsing Safe And Secure From Any Attack

2. Log off from your social networking sites:

while browsing it is better to sign out from your social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. These sites track you every time for their advertising accuracy.

logout from social networking sites

3. Use incognito mode while using others devices:

Sometimes you have to look up information at your library and you have to open your  email account. For such cases, it’s better to use incognito mode. whenever you use incognito or private mode your search history, passwords, and browsing history won’t save.

use incognito

 4. Get https:// always:

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP. Most of the websites offer https. HTTPS consists of communication over Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security. So better use these protected sites.

use https

5. Use privacy features on your favorite browser:

Use privacy features offered by your browser. Google Chrome provides some features that help you to protect while browsing. chrome protects you and your device from dangerous sites.use privacy

To enable this you have to open settings and scroll down to privacy section there you can select this options.

And finally, if you let your browser to save your passwords anyone who uses your PC might be able to see your passwords so create a non-administrative account for other users.

By using these techniques chances of attacking may reduce.

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