Man Hacks Tesla To Play Pokemon GO While Driving

The Media editor of Pink Java Jeff loves Pokemon GO, but he has lots of works to do so he planned to turn his Tesla into a giant smartphone which can be faster to catch Pokemon while driving.

Pokemon GO becomes world-wide famous and in every country they are playing it right now, it is a smartphone game in which players need to chase those virtual creatures on different locations using geolocation, The game uses phone rear camera, the game is fully attractive and in actual term its made for the travellers who can enjoy their ride along with catching the Pokemon on their way.

When you love your tesla but Pokemon go is all over your head, Jeff managed to love both. the idea which bumped in his head is how he can hack his tesla to play Pokemon go while driving.

Man Hacks Tesla To Play Pokemon GO While Driving

We all know tesla got a huge screen to display everything right front of you, a camera to see and GPS. so all set, the other thing he had used is old-fashioned ingenuity and an ethernet cable. fortunately, Jeff was able to get Pokemon GO up and running on his Tesla.

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But it’s not a perfect match for the car’s display. The only possible way to catch Pokemon with the Tesla is in reverse, as the Tesla’s only camera is on its rear bumper.

He says: “It’s not perfect. The Tesla’s display cuts off some of the game; I haven’t been able to fix that.” “It makes for quite a challenge. I almost backed over a Rattata!”

it`s quite challenging for him to do it all together. so he is able to find an another way to play hit mobile video game.

Jeff said he’s received requests to make other Teslas Pokemon-GO-friendly, but he’s hesitant to actually tamper with someone else’s car. Reference to Pink Java, Jeff thinks the iconic EV company’s fearless leader might appreciate the way he’s modded his car:

“Maybe they could push this feature out with the next update.”

Perhaps… but then again, do we really need more EVs driving in reverse just to catch augmented reality characters? Maybe Tesla could roll it into the Autopilot feature and use it as a selling point for the app-afflicted.

Source: PinkJava

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