Marcus Hutchins: WannaCry ransomware attack has knocked all over the world from the past weeks. It has trapped the PCs of general users as well as the big companies. The threatening ransomware attack locked server and demanded a huge amount from the sufferers. Windows to spread the infection among unpatched systems. Not only that, the dangerous malware took advantage of the weakness in Windows to increase attack.

Microsoft circulated an emergency repair for Windows XP, but the effort was put off late to raise the flow of malware across the world. Finally, a white hat hacker split the first version of the malware. Marcus Hutchins (MalwareTech) a British cybersecurity investigator, stopped the first flow of WannaCry malware. He did this by buying a website.

Meet Marcus Hutchins Who Saved The World From The WannaCry Ransomware For Just $10
Meet Marcus Hutchins Who Saved The World From The WannaCry Ransomware For Just $10

When the WannaCry ransomware was at its fame, a 22-year-old investigator inquired the code bound for the global depression. After his investigation, he found that WannCry included a collection of directions leading it to review a trash URL. After getting this result, Hutchins immediately went forward and joined the domain name specified in the code for about $10. By this simple step, he destroyed the strength of WannaCry infection from all the systems. In this way, he saved the whole world from WannaCry malware.

According to the specialists, the WannaCry malware was spread by phishing attacks via email and by misusing a system security window. The malware was particularly spread, because of the security weakness of Microsoft’s Windows. The hackers have added a “kill switch” for their protection. The switch will protect them from a danger situation to rapidly deactivate the malware from the system. The plan was very clear, the malware won’t stopped unless someone opens the URL by paying $10.

As soon as, Hutchins joined the domain name, the malware discontinued spreading. It was a big relief for cyber investigators. This activity gave the users some time to renew and repair security weakness mainly in the US. The US was the significant victim of WannaCry. It was rapidly spreading before the observance of the kill switch.

Perhaps, the next version of WannaCry in all set to ruin the technology. This time, the new version of WannaCry doesn’t have any kill switch which earlier destroyed the malware. However, the cybersecurity investigators are working very hard to find the root of WannaCry malware. There is no other option to stop this malware other than finding the culprit of the malware originator.

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