5G Device: The 4G networks are already available worldwide and lots of peoples are adopting the current network. Although, many of the 4G users are waiting for the launch of the 5G network to come. The world is developing and with the rapid development, all are looking for latest communications technology.

According to reports, we are not so far from 5G technology and smartphones. Many big companies like Qualcomm are trying to introduce the 5G as soon as possible. The present motivational global network for the IoT enterprise assumes that fifth generation smartphone network could roll out by 2020 globally.

If you are also waiting for the fifth generation network, then here is the first appearance of a smartphone with 5G technology in the stores. The Chipmaker Qualcomm has recently declared that they have the prototype design available, explaining the firm’s 5G mmWave technology. Unfortunately, it is not really a smartphone, but just a considerable pattern which will be applied for a later trial.

Meet The First 5G Device Which Can Download Full Movie In Seconds
Meet The First 5G Device Which Can Download Full Movie In Seconds


According to Qualcomm Marketing Head of LTE and 5G Modems, Sherif Hanna tweeted a picture in which he defines the multi-mode product means it also supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Till now, we just know that the device has a dual rear camera and dual flash feature. Presently, he has not revealed any more details about the device. Now, we don’t have to know more about the device, as it is for future optimization analyses. The company will come out with more details when it is finally ready.

The tech-company Qualcomm is regularly operating with their origin firm Softbank, and partners like Verizon and Sprint, for the progress of 5G technology. If everything works fine, then they could roll out the smartphones with 5G technology in the stores by 2019. So, till then we have to wait for the official release.

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