Meizu 17 PANDAER Case

As Meizu has already declared the launch date of the Meizu 17 mobile phone, now we can expect its case as well. The launch of the handset will take place on May 8, and alongside, the PANDAER case will also be released. The back cover goes viral on social media in a teaser poster. It portrays nice exterior with amazing design.

If we note the teaser poster vigilantly, Meizu 17’s back cover is primarily crafted for the handset alone. It comes with a fresh and unique design to capture your attention as a whole. Further, it also provides bright colour and physical aesthetics to feel soft to hands.

The rear side of the cover features the back-camera system of the handset. You can observe it on the back like graffiti caricatures. The producer has done a brilliant job of accentuating the actual physique of the handset itself.

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Meizu 17 PANDAER Case

If we believe the official note, the beautiful artwork occupies every corner, edge, and side of the protective case. It is absent in other brands which used to print only the backside and ignore the sides and edges. Similarly, the case will not add noteworthy weight to the smartphone. It is designed astutely to bring a premium feel via special coating to ensure a comfortable hold on hands.

For those unknown to the fact, Meizu 17 is the company’s latest flagship series, enlisting high-end specifications on the table. The prime focus is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865CPU unit as well as UFS 3.1 Flash memory algorithm.

Additionally, it also gathers lots of advanced configurations like Fast Charging etc. The rest will be known on the launch date, i.e. May 8. Doubling the excitement, now Meizu is also bringing the PANDAER protective case on the same day. Stay tuned for further updates.

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