On November 30, 2023, the Meizu Autumn Boundless Ecological Conference officially kicked off. Xingji Meizu Group released all-new smart glass brand and a new mobile phone Meizu 21 series, and has further launched a new “phone-car integration” solution, Flyme Link.

Smart Glass Brand: MYVU

As a new brand under Xingji Meizu Group, MYVU adheres to the brand proposition of “IT’S MY VIEW” and is a pioneer brand in creating technology and fashion AR glasses. Through fashion design and ultimate human factors design, MYVU achieves AR smart glasses that can be worn in a fashionable manner 24/7.

MYVU discovery:

The MYVU AR smart glasses will be equipped with the agile and lightweight Flyme AR operating system. As the first mobile level interactive experience AR operating system, Flyme AR integrates advanced AR technology interaction logic, achieving a more intuitive and concise intelligent interactive experience. At the same time, MYVU AR smart glasses also introduce Smart Bar interaction function, allowing smart glasses to have intuitive, concise, and rich information display. Not only that, the all-new Aicy voice assistant will also be presented on MYVU AR smart glasses. It is based on the deep integration of AI artificial intelligence and traditional voice capabilities, with rich and practical voice applications, redefining voice assistants to solve users’ life and work difficulties 24/7.

MYVU Discovery is priced at 9999 yuan and is fully booked on Meizu’s official website.

MYVU Smart Glasses:

The price of MYVU smart glasses is 2,499 yuan. For a more elegant appearance, MYVU uses a lot of very soft lines. MYVU offers a wide range of color options, suitable for various types of outfits, and can also combine different visual experiences. MYVU material engineers have explored a new type of fiber material that, after special processing, not only has a tortoiseshell luster, but each pair also has a unique texture and color. It is reported that through lightweight improvements to the light engine, lenses, materials, and volume, MYVU has controlled its weight to a particularly terrifying range, with only 43g, while balancing display effects and audio quality. And there is also a brand new MYVU customization workshop with a large number of customizable options. You can come to Meizu’s official website to customize your own MYVU.

Meizu 21 series mobile phones

Meizu 21 will debut with Flyme 10.5 system, Meizu 20 series will start internal testing and registration tomorrow, stable version OTA promotion will be launched in January next year, and stable versions of Meizu 18 series and 17 series will also be launched in March next year. Meizu 21 adopts a 6.55-inch Samsung OLED display screen with 120Hz high refresh rate and peak brightness of up to 1800 nits.

The new boundaryless antenna system 2.0 has once again improved signal levels through enhanced antennas, optimized layout, and system level software optimization. In addition, the newly developed mSmart Net optimizes lag in various extreme situations.

Meizu 21 features the same CNC technology as aviation components, with higher machining accuracy and more reassuring daily use. In terms of color matching, this time we have released a car grade coating with a white panel, creating an exclusive Meizu White for Meizu. Meizu 21 Meizu White will be launched on the first launch.

Aicy Dynamic Ring can be a classic message reminder breathing light. It can remind you of incoming calls and notifications on your phone with various lighting effects.

In addition, in terms of chips, the all-new Meizu 21 adopts the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship, greatly improving the performance of the phone. Paired with exclusive ice cooling technology, Onemind 10.5, and game mode 6.0. In terms of batteries that users are concerned about, the Meizu 21 is equipped with a 4800mAh battery, supporting 80W Meizu overcharging and 65W PD fast charging. After five hours of battery life testing, the battery level is still 66%.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

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