Blue Charm

Most of you might know about the brand Meizu which is a famous smartphone brand in China. It is one of the innovative brands out there. Meizu registered the Meilan trademark in December 2014. It was later known as Blue Charm globally. The Blue Charm had a blue logo and was the biggest rival for brands like Xiaomi. Since then, under the Meilan brand, the brand has launched X, Note series, digital series, and other products. Among there were some powerful products, i.e., the Note series. These products have received a good market response. Till 2018, Meizu had sold more than 50 million units under the Meilan brand. Then, the Meizu brand collapsed globally and stopped releasing smartphones under the Meilan / Blue Charm sub-brand. Since 2018, Meizu has been launching smartphones only on their flagship brand.

Blue Charm

To be exact, it has been 1269 days since the brand has stopped launching products. Now, after a long gap, the Meilan / Blue Charm’s official Weibo account has officially announced the brand’s return. So, the brand that once used to be a storm in the youth market has finally returned. The information from the post tells us that Hua Hailiang, who is the Vice President of Meizu Technology, currently serves as the president of its Blue Charm sub-brand. Li Nan was the head of the Blue Charm for a long time. Last year, he left the company to create his own start-up.


We can soon expect products from the Blue Charm sub-brand. Apart from developing mobile phones, the Blue Charm brand will also unveil other tech products such as wearables, innovative accessories, and AIOT products in full swing. We expect Meilan to continue bringing surprises. A few months back, the brand created several new Weibo accounts under the Blue Charm name. These accounts include Blue Charm TV, Blue Charm Tablet, Blue Charm Watch, and Blue Charm Router.


The main agenda behind the brand is to capture the market share which Huawei has. Since Huawei left, there has been space for an innovative manufacturer. We hope the brand to start teasing its products soon in the newly created Weibo accounts. The founder of Meizu, i.e., Huang Zhang, wants young people to spend only a small amount of money to buy tech products. The moto of Meizu itself is Quality for Young, and he added that the brand will continue launching products according to Meizu’s moto. He also adds that the youth does not need to settle with products that have compromised quality. So, let us wait and watch for the new products from Blue Charm brand.

Basith Rahman

By Basith Rahman

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