Microsoft Will Start Accepting Apple Computers At Microsoft Stores From Thursday!

If Apple’s MacBook updates on Thursday are not good enough for you, maybe Microsoft smells blood in the water because it’s getting more intrusive with its laptop trade-in program. Previously it launched a program to trade in old laptops naive of being upgraded to Windows 10 and now, it has a new program aiming old MacBooks.

The Microsoft offers up to $650 for anyone in the US who “trades up” a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for a Surface Book or a Surface Pro at the Microsoft store or starting Thursday, Brian Hall, the corporate Vice President of marketing for Microsoft devices, said in an interview.

The offer comes as Microsoft reveals new devices and softwares at an event in New York. One of it’s announcements was a battery life boost and graphics bump in its high-end Surface Pros i7. According to the trade-in page, users can send in almost any type of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and they will be acceptable for the discount.

Apple denied to review on Wednesday. It will host an event on Thursday where its expected to announce improved MacBook Pros, the first major updates to the High-end laptops in over four years. The new MacBook Pros will reportedly have an OLED touchscreen With Touch ID, thinner and lighter than the current units and support Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports.

So, if you want the easiest way of trading for your old MacBook, Microsoft has your solution. Definitely, there are strings attached, but nothing unreasonable:

1. The laptop must be fully functional.
2. The battery must hold charge and not be required to be plugged in to operate.
3. It must not have any damaged, broken or missing segments.
4. It cannot have been modified, and the warranty seal must be flawless .
5. It cannot be password protected.
6. It must come with original charger and accessories.

Microsoft has offered it’s Mac trade-in programs before. It doesn’t says how successful they have been in the past.

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