Millionaire Mallya Twitter Account Hack By Legion

Indian businessman Vijay Mallya, the escapee on Friday said that his Twitter account had been accessed by Legion a hacking group. The hackers posted links to suspects was the record of Mallya’s bank accounts, offshore asset, and lavishness cars.

Mallya a showy who made his luck from the bottle of beer and fluid to make his kingdom of billionaire travel to Britain in March after engaging in courts by banks it has become invalid for Kingfisher airline owed around $1.4 billion.

 Millionaire Mallya Twitter Account Hack By Legion

Hackers tweeted the posting they said “Legion will find you, hack you, expose you,” on his Twitter account which is certified before the detail of the account being erased at around 1215 IST (0645 GMT). Mallya, who refuses of making up his mind as an escape, he did not react to the comment, and a spokesman for his UB Group also rejected to give the comment on the hacker.

On his certified twitter account, a reply was tweeted that “a group known as Legion has hacked the e-mail accounts and are asking for ransom!! What a joke”.

Again the Legion the hackers group came out broadcasting last month when it declares that they hacked the accounts of India’s Congress party, vice chair Rahul Gandhi. As we all know that Mallya hunted by the law enforcement agencies and it is non-bailable in the court.

 Millionaire Mallya Twitter Account Hack By Legion

The government has canceled Mallya’s passport which was given by the upper member house of parliament. Indian authorities wanted Mallya to exile by Britain. Mallya’s UB Group borrowed funds from Kingfisher Airlines to buy property in a foreign country.

The Enforcement Directorate is a government company who filed against Mallya for funds borrowed by Kingfisher Airlines.

Mallya refused to admit charges filed against him and told those charges are absurd.

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