MoGo Travel Blue: The superb binocular is launched by MOGO team Yoqneam, Israel and it is named MoGo Travel Blue. Using the MoGo headset you can have a great cinematic experience anytime and anywhere. It has an amazing folding ability through which you can carry it in your backpack, also in your coat pocket. It’s very easy to unfold the MoGo set you just have to put any smartphone with your favorite VoD content and enjoy.

The Amazing MoGo Travel Blue With Many Updated Edition
The Amazing MoGo Travel Blue With Many Updated Edition

Let’s have a look throughout the feature present in it. When the device is in the foldable state it expands up to 5x20x10 cm and when open position it is 10x20x10 cm. Excluding the phone, the weight of the device is 240 grams. The headset doesn’t operate through any dedicated application or operating system it works all with your phones. You will get a simple magnifier in a form of a normal glasses, these glasses help people with limited vision and with fighting to concentrate their eyes. It is compatible with 4.5 to 6-inch smartphone screen sizes range. The horizontal field of view is up to 90 degrees and the vertical field of view is 45 degrees.

Now we will discuss the unique feature in MoGo optics. The core technology in MoGo is in oculars which are aspherical bright lenses this makes both eyes wide screen of smartphone located near lenses. The oculars change the physical screen into two virtual which are expanded, taken to far distance and shifted toward each eye. The MoGo optics relaxes your eyes that allows natural eye-sight that reduces the side effects known to impact the virtual reality optical entrance.

There are various challenges with patent pending lenses:

1. To make a system aspherical design with very strong prismatic power.

a) The aspherical design was required for the vital variation between lenses and parts of the screen. With this, you will get image sharp but not in the center of the screen also in sharp focus in outer parts of the screen.

b) The strong bright power is required to make a practical shift of the center of the screen toward each eye correspondingly. Added shift are more challenging design but, the shift is the main factor which is making the magic your both eyes can look on such close and wide object.

The MoGo headset had gone through two revision and comes with three updates.

1) The update release during Indiegogo campaign, that is defined “MoGo Travel”.

2) The Style edition is possible in 2 color combinations Black and Blue, Black and Yellow which are fantastic.

3) The Premium variant with the upgraded look & feel smoother design.

The many improvements made in the MoGo headset is the soft tissue on nose bridge that adds ease in big nose case also makes eyeglasses at the resting point. The improving features of plastic with real colors matching and surface finish. With a sliding mechanism that is even for folding-unfolding, It is updated headbands & face interface. You can get the MoGo Travel Blue on the Indiegogo site in just $44. So hurry to the updated version of the MoGo headset.

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