Moto Z Play 3GB RAM, 4G Smartphone With Fingerprint SensorMoto Z Play 3GB RAM, 4G Smartphone With Fingerprint Sensor

Moto Z Play Price Attention: Basically the Moto Z Play cost not more than $400 but if any store hike more than that then don’t buy it from there. Now if I ask you is the price matches up with the phone? huh. The smartphone specification really doesn’t match much with the price $400, the price is bit high only because of the joint partnership (Lenovo And Motorola).

But still it has some awesome features and functionality if you do believe, the phone with thin, light and well designed, overall the phone is up-to-date specs as 2017 age.

What’s good or bad in this Moto Z Play?

The phone really works great for long battery life, the performance is good enough for the price $400, the camera is good for daylight clicks, Phone Moto Z Play has its owned Mods support where you will find supports and accessories to modify your phone as per your choice.

Some bad stuff? Yes, AndroidCentral has already reviewed Moto Z play and found the low light camera feature provides poor performance and not only the camera but also with the bloatware undesirable in some Verizon model. More noticeable is the fingerprint sensor which is distractable and most users will purchase this phone for the performance along with the fingerprint sensor. So wait for the update, your worries on Fingerprint sensor will be sort out.

What’s More On Moto Z Play?

As I have already mentioned about the Moto Mod, you can place Moto Mod accessories to well customised your own Moto Z Play with Motorola’s 16 pins. The back is all glass instead of metal as presumed.

The Moto Z Play, backed up 3,510mAh non-removable battery, if you want us to compare this phone then we will choose OnePlus 3 and Honor 8. As Moto Z has USB-C port this Moto Z Play does have the same USB-C port which has an additional feature to superfast charge using the TurboPower adapter out of the box.

The phone having headphone jack because there are still many people who want to live the present not the future as iPhone did. The front screen is 1080p AMOLED screen and just below that you will see a button which is a fingerprint sensor and its pretty horrid because the sensor space is small and it’s very close to the virtual home button and mistakes makes perfect, it will still work.

Another best part of Motorola Moto Z Play is the screen-off notification feature which OnePlus 3 doesn’t have. But as compared with processor then Moto Z Play has Snapdragon 625 and OnePlus 3 has Snapdragon 820, now you have to understand these processors from Qualcomm, the 625 is the successor of Snapdragon 615 and it is well experienced that the graphics-intensive is still better related to OnePlus 3.

I really can’t wait to say that the phone has amazing battery life, it may last for two days and I’m impressed with the lifespan of this phone. As per my personal opinion the phone currently holds mid-range option for mid-range smartphone buyers, if you want to purchase this phone then from my side its Thumps UP, but still you need to go through the phone and you will find some bad and good things(Every phone has).

As battery life is more in just 3,510mAh it has more benefited in another way and that is the quick charge as I have already mentioned above. The phone use TurboPower adapted which used a technology inside the battery and the phone battery holder to power the Moto Z Play’s battery which doesn’t even blast.

As I have mentioned about the Moto Mods, you can add accessories on the phone and you can get that from Motorola’s store, accessories are anything like an additional battery pack, you can attach just back of the phone which will increase your phone battery power to 5,720mAh and that accessory is called Incipio OffGrid Power, as you already increasing the battery capacity you can also charge the phone wirelessly in an intelligent way using the Moto Mod software by customising on your own way.

Moto Z Play Accessory Moto Mods
Moto Z Play Accessory Moto Mods

The phone boots from Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow included September 1st security update and soon after a half year you will get an update to 7.0 Nougat, Lenovo will not ruin this Motorola company believe it.

You might be confused between, Moto Z, Moto Z Force and Moto Z Play, if you ask me about which one I should go for then I would choose Play because of its adds-ons, it benefits more in terms of Mods and with an extra money yes its true you can get this Mods version of release from Motorola’s latest release.

Many people may ask to lower the price but in terms of overall specifications and new feature you really should not miss this one Moto Z Plus in this price. The only problem with the phone is with its camera, it lacks quality in terms of low light, it’s better to lit up things when you are in indoor places to make selfie using flash, as by default it has 16:9 aspect ratio but after the click it reduces to 11.9MP in exchange for a fuller viewfinder. Everything is going good but Motorola hit in terms of camera. I hope they will read this article and find a proper solution for it.

Moto Z Play Camera Review
Moto Z Play Camera Review

Should I But Moto Z Play?

Truly saying, Yes, I love this phone not because of it some features, because of something new to my hand, the Moto Mods are amazingly new in Moto Z ecosystem, but still it’s not reason to enjoy this phone, still the phone has many other additional features under $400, the battery life span is much more effective and you will never face a situation of sudden shutdown of phone because as per the experiment with the phone you can last for 2 days with some calls and for official purpose but if you play games or surfing the internet then it will last for 24 hours.

Moto Z Play Camera
Moto Z Play Camera

Most important about the battery is the quick charge as already explained above. its TurboPower quick charge won’t let you charge your phone overnight, and yes use Moto Mods for additional mods for your Moto Z Play, adding additional power backs up to 2,220mAh will make you enjoy your half of the week without charging it.

The phone overseas will cost more, but you can get this phone from gearBest just at $379.99, GearBest will deliver this product at your doorstep, or if you are new to GearBest then just contact us using the contact form we will help you getting things genuinely so that you get your loved one right on your hand.

Full Specification of Moto Z Play:

Buy At cheap Moto Z Play

OS: Android 6.0.1 (Upgradable To Nougat)
Display: 5.5 inch 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
CPU:Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953) 2.0GHz
GPU: Adreno 506
ROM: 64GB Internal and expandable to 2TB
Network Type: 4G, 3G and 2G, Dual Nano standby SIM
Camera: 16.0MP rear, 5PM Front, 4K Rear Camera Recording, Dual Flash, R&F
Battery: 3,510mAh non-removable
Additional: Basic Sensors with Fingerprint sensor, USB-C as type-c port.

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