Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s smartphone business department in China, released some information on the first Motorola Edge S equipped with the Snapdragon 870.

Motorola Edge S

He said on Weibo: ‘The engineer just told me that the new product has achieved good running scores in the laboratory, and it is said that it can also run higher…Of course, the running scores are not completely equivalent to the daily use scenarios. No matter how good the results are, they only represent a part of hard power. There is also the role of software. So we can get silky smooth light experience but the practicality, convenience and comfort are the most important. Keep working hard! Of course, I also look forward to the performance of the 870 user experience after the Edge S goes public.’

A few days ago, the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform was officially announced by Qualcomm. At the press release, the manufacturer also uncovered the laboratory running score of the Moto Edge S. It is close to 680,000 points. Although it uses a 7nm process, the CPU core Cortex-A77 has been upgraded to 3.2GHz. That’s why it is able to make a tough competition to the flagship processor Snapdragon 888. However, the company still has not announced the price information of the Motorola Edge S. Previously-launched Motorola smartphones were priced more expensively than other brands. So now, we wonder whether this handset will follow the previous strategy or will be priced more aggressively to win a larger market share.

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