GCam for Motorola One Power

A few mods of the Google Camera, better known as Gcam, are now available to download for Motorola users. You will get the Google Camera Mod for Motorola One Power along with the steps to install it on the Motorola One Power smartphone.

gcam mod

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There are many reasons behind Google Camera app popularity. make sure to check those advantages before downloading the Gcam for Motorola One Power 

What is GCam APK?

The Google Camera APK or GCam APK in short is a camera application, which comes inbuilt on Google devices like Google Pixel or Nexus phones. Basically, GCam is a powerful camera tool, specially developed for Android OS running devices owned by Google.

GCam MOD APK or GCam Port APK

Meanwhile, you may also come across the terms, i.e. ‘GCam Mod’ or ‘GCam Port.’ What are these? Let me explain.

As we know, the Google Camera application is dedicated to Google-branded devices. It brings scads of advanced camera modules, high-end features and outstanding image processing capabilities. Correspondingly, it must be available for other brand devices too.

For the purpose, the Google Camera (GCam) is engineered reversely and manipulated to make it compatible with other brands’ smartphones. Hence, this modified and re-engineered version of the GCam APK is known as GCam Mod or GCam Port.

GCam MOD APK – Some of the Key Features

Well, the Google Camera (MOD) APK is recognized for its undeniable software image processing strength. Not only on Google devices, but the camera application also offers unbeatable image captions on other Android devices it is ported to.

As of now, you can’t find any other OEM that is ranging even close to Gcam. The transform may occur in the future, though but Google would also not stop updating its Gcam.

The following are some of the crucial highlights that are lying behind the credibility of the GCam APK. However, you can better understand and believe by downloading and installing it on your Android device.

  • It supports up to 60x zooming
  • Records 4K 60fps videos
  • Supports Astrophotography mode
  • Supports Night Sight Mode for better captions in the Low-light
  • Well-saturation of colours with better sharpness
  • Supports Object portrait (lens blur) Mode
  • Google photos and Google lens integration
  • Supports RAW image captions
  • Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • Slow Motion

Download GCam MOD APK for Motorola One Power

After getting an overview of stunning features of the GCam application, you might be eager to download the camera tool for your Motorola One Power. This section will allow you to download the GCam APK latest edition.

Currently, there are two versions of GCam MOD APK available for Motorola One Power Android smartphone.

Google Camera 7.3

Google Camera 6.1

Both these editions need Android 9.0 Pie or Android 10 OS to work properly. Furthermore, the GCam 6.1 version contains the Night Sight Mode, while the latest GCam 7.3 has the Astrophotography Mode alongside lots of other exciting specifications.

Click the below links to download the respective edition of the GCam application.

GCam 7.3 Download

GCam 6.1 Download

Steps to Install GCam MOD APK on Moto One Power

Well, one can’t just proceed simply to install the GCam APK on the non-Google phone after downloading it. Users owning non-Google devices haven’t the right to install the application from Google Play Store.

To be qualified for it, your Motorola One Power smartphone must have Camera2 API enabled. The said tool comes inbuilt enabled with the modern devices running Android Oreo or later versions. Nevertheless, you still need to verify whether your Motorola One Power has Camera2 API enabled or not. If not, then how to enable it?

Verify if Camera2 API is enabled on Motorola One Power?

  1. Download and install the ‘Manual Camera Compatibility’ application from Play Store.
  2. Tap on the Start button after launching the app. It will start the Camera2 API verification test.
  3. One finished the test; the app will show you the support for Camera2 API.
  4. You can step ahead to download and install the GCam MOD APK if it shows all the features are supported.
  5. Otherwise, you will have to enable the camera2 API manually.

Enable the Camera2 API?

  1. Unlock the bootloader of your Motorola One Power.
  2. Install a custom recovery such as TWRP Recovery.
  3. Now, download the ‘Camera2 API enabler’ zip file in your phone’s internal storage.
  4. Reboot your phone in Recovery Mode.
  5. Flash the Camera2 API file.
  6. Restart your handset.
  7. Verify the Camera2 API compatibility using the app mentioned above.

Installation Steps

  1. Download a compatible version of GCam APK from the links given above.
  2. You need to enable ‘app install’ in the Unknown Sources’ section on your Motorola One Power.
  3. Once enabled the setting, click on the app to install.
  4. Wait for a few seconds. Once done, you are all set to enjoy incredible features of the GCam Mod APK on your Motorola One Power Android phone.

We hope you have successfully install GCAM APk using our guide to download Gcam Apk for Motorola One Power. 

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