Mozilla New Version Of Virtual Reality Browser The Firefox Reality

Firefox Reality: On Tuesday Mozilla has declared of producing a browser that is uniquely framed for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content. Mozilla wants the succeed internet to combine with Firefox Reality and stated that the browser is set particularly for headsets. The new edition of Firefox for undergoing VR and AR is known as Firefox Reality. It is the latest open source web browser that is operated simply on AR and VR headsets.

Mozilla New Version Of Virtual Reality Browser The Firefox Reality
Mozilla New Version Of Virtual Reality Browser The Firefox Reality

In the blog post, Mozilla says that includes a particular focus on serving the web to “a large-scale modification of devices and platforms” consist standalone headsets such as HTC Vive Focus. It has also said that they are having Edge on Hololens which is an innovative Chrome version for DayDream.

In the regular Firefox, the open source web browser is created to work across various platforms willingly limiting one or two headsets. Mozilla said they have created the Firefox Reality from marks and hard work from years of experience and amazing technology which has combined into Firefox Quantum. The company is not conscious of the privacy implications of combined reality. The Reality privacy is the prime focal points while expansion.

Here is the first video demo of Firefox Reality operating on an HTC Vive VR headset. It is said that coming week Mozilla will give more details of the design method and hidden glimpses of the browser running on separate headsets. The company says that it will give all the updates on Reality that will be open on the headsets.

Mozilla has also highlighted that Firefox Reality web browser is securing the future of AR, VR, and mixed reality. Earlier they have inserted WebVR which support the launch of Firefox 55. It is their hard work that Firefox Reality comes open-hearted and is called garden of the ‘reality’ ecosystem. All the inspired Daydream and Gear VR users operate on their headsets in developer mode.

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