The world’s leading and most famous gaming graphics card maker MSI has unleashed the most powerful and astounding gaming graphics card a few days ago. It was the effort to expand the popular Gaming Trio Series by introducing the RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Z Trio. It comes with extremely fast 16Gbps memory to push the limits of performance once more.

Further, the latest entry is supposed to outperform the MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio by over 5%. It sets a new bar for the apex gaming. The graphics card is integrated with the superfast 16Gbps GDDR6 memory to offer users more than 14% extra memory bandwidth than ever before.

Today, there are lots of factors to limit GPU performance like core clock speeds, memory bandwidth, and individual execution units. But when it comes to the RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Z Trio card, it promises mighty TRI-FROZR design. Further, the supreme cooling power facilitates the device to obtain high-end in-game and thermal performance.

The unit has the TORX 3.0 fans (MSI-patented) to provide a unique fan design to combine the advantages of differently-shaped fan blades. Hence, it generates a massive volume of concentrated airflow besides being virtually silent.

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RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Z Trio

Moreover, the RTX 2080 Ti Gaming Z Trio features the MSI Dragon Centre, a type of brand-new software platform. It integrates all MSI software for desktop, laptop, and peripherals. Additionally, the new software configures Gaming Mode to optimize your hardware instantly to generate the best gaming output consisting of SSD, monitor and network settings.

In terms of technical statistics, the new graphics card houses the 11GB GDDR6 memory along with 4352 units of cores. It measures 328x140x57mm and weighs 1.54KG. It uses one 6-pin and two 8-pin power connectors as well.

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