We all use computers for different purposes and normally most of the users prefer to shut down option when they’re done with the work. But have you ever considered choosing to hibernate or sleep option over shutting down? Have you ever considered what happens if you leave your computer in sleep or hibernate mode for few weeks or for a couple of days?

Well, it is pretty simple from the last couple of years we are getting high-end processors and new hardware parts assigned to our computers and they’re improved from the previous versions so it is clear that if you’re using a new computer that you bought just a year or two years ago then you can shut it n sleep mode for a week or for couple of days.

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But when it comes to computers that are too old to keep in sleep mode for days should be considered as a risk because there are few problems you may face and they are related to hardware mostly.

A software is usually a new product every time, it is used because it comes with instruction so everytime you run a software it starts same like the last time. But when it comes to hardware if you’re using it for ages then you need to replace it or consider the fact that it may not bare continuous usage since it has been used for years.

So what is the best choice for old computers is it shut down or sleep or hibernate? Before I conclude I would like to clarify what these three options means and for what purposes they’re used.


When a user shut down his computer then it will disconnect the power supply to the computer and the applications and services that are running will not be retained so when the user boot the computer again then all the services will be closed. This will save the power but all the applications and services will be closed.

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This option will cut the power supply to all the components of your computer except RAM and it will save the power meanwhile. However, all your applications and services will be resumed at the moment you boot your computer.


When a user chooses Hibernation option then the power will be out from the computer but it is not like shut down because the computer will be in a state where it is transferred to the hard drive as a type of a file. But this process will consume more time when the user is booting the computer.

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Now with that being said it is clear that you cannot use these option over shutdown because these options require functioning of your computer’s components reacts to the power supply that is not a good idea it may cause hardware problems because your computer’s hardware is already too old to function in these states. However, you can still try these if your computer is working without heating up and without any inconvenience.

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