New MacBook Pro Proves Apple Has Lost Sight Of Its Core ValuesNew MacBook Pro Proves Apple Has Lost Sight Of Its Core Values

Apple has been a company which stirs wrangling, for superior or worse. Some people call the company insurgent and others call it a copy paste and still others delicate it with barbed arrogance. Wherever you stand on the matter unconcernedly, you have to accept that Apple did it’s best to linger to its propulsive philosophy-Simplicity.

Apple has always followed the concept of simplicity and by this concept, now Apple has marked it’s identity at every stage of Technology. Each invention of Apple is just the mirror of simplicity.

When Steve Jobs revealed the Macintosh, this is what he dwells on. Take the device out of the box, just plug it in, and it starts working. It’s not messy with the cables, separate monitors, graphics card and power supplies. It’s as simple as you want it.

The same philosophy is also followed by the consecutive MacBook Airs and Pros. They were simple, dominant devices which were a cruise to use. Do you need to dig your bag for adapters? No. But the MacBook Air did, genuinely, offer limited connectivity options.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Dont Have USB Port
Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Dont Have USB Port

Although even the slimmest Apple laptop of its time, offered four ports-a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB 2.0 port, a mini-DVI port for video output and a “MagSafe” power adapter. Well, why? as they were important for keeping things simple for the users.

Compare this with the 12-inch MacBook and the latest lineup of MacBook Pros. By these devices, there’s nothing of use but to loose everything and gained USB Type-C ports that even Apple didn’t use it universally yet. Literally, you don’t get an SD card slot on what is actually the Photographer’s favorite laptop.

With the MacBook Pro, you are getting USB-C slots and a 3.5 mm slot. In this, you cannot connect your iPhone to the MacBook without an adapter, you cannot connect your new Ear pods to your MacBook without an adapter, you can’t connect your Thunderbolt display to your MacBook without an adapter and also you can’t connect a portable drive without an adapter. So, wherever you go, you have to take your adapter with you.

And, the only thing Apple provides is that you “Can” connect directly to your MacBook out of the box is the USB-C power adapter which comes with the latest MacBooks. Everything else is a compulsory extraneous.

The 2016’s MacBook Pros is an absolutely, intelligently confused product that doesn’t know who it’s aiming and why.

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