New Realme models are on the way as they have appeared on the EEC. The new model RMX2151 has been spotted for the first time at Russia’s Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) certification website. But, this is the first time we heard about it, and there is still no guess what some smartphone we are talking about.

Realme RMX2180

Realme RMX2180 also appeared `Interestingly, this handset was leaked today in an Indonesian certification website. However, this is a more or less familiar smartphone. We mean it was already certified n various countries including Russia’s EEC, India’s BIS website and Indonesia’s TKDN website.

But again, such documents say there will be new handsets on the market soon and they don’t reveal anything worthy.

What Other Smartphones Have Been Certified Recently?

That’s not a secret Realme is currently working on multiple smartphones. So it’s logical several model numbers have been spotted in various certification websites. Apart from this, the manufacturer has recently obtained a patent for a phone with new camera layouts. The latter showcased four different positions for rear camera sensors. At last, the Realme X60 5G is said to be in the works.


Well, the Realme RMX2190 is thought to be Realme 6i, and we are waiting for it to go on sale in India later this week. Not surprisingly, it is the rebranded version of the Realme 6s.

RMX2189, RMX2109, RMX2107, RMX2105, RMX2103, RMX2101 model numbers have also been found online. And the RMX21xx range of phones has been said to be mid-range 5G enabled smartphones from Realme. What’s more interesting, they should come with DART charging facility that supports 27-33W charging speeds.

Finally, the RMX2121 is another 5G smartphone that was found in China’s MIIT website. Apart from this, RMX2093, RMX2091, RMX2083, RMX2082 are the other smartphones that have been certified. But we don’t have any information concerning these phones yet.

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