Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

A few days ago, another set of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 renders were shown on the net. And what is more interesting, the design is very different from the previous exposure. Say, the newer version cancels the external screen part that we are very familiar with.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leaked this time still uses the in-folding solution. The internal screen is 7.7 inches and the resolution is 1689*2213. It is equipped with an ultra-thin glass to ensure the strength of the screen and ensure the daily use experience. In addition, this folding screen phone supports a 120Hz refresh rate. We have already experienced the high smoothness brought by this high refresh rate in the previous Samsung Galaxy S20 series. It is expected that the Samsung flagship product will not disappoint us.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

By the way, ultra-thin flexible glass (UTG) can be said to be the optimized version of the polyimide (CPI) film used in the first generation of folding phones (Samsung GALAXY Fold / Huawei Mate X). And its durability is relatively stronger, while it is thinner. It adopts a strengthening process to enhance the flexibility and durability of 30μm (1μm=1/1000000m) ultra-thin glass. During the process, special materials are injected into the ultra-thin glass to ensure its uniform flexibility. In short, ultra-thin flexible glass has a wide range of application scenarios on screens such as folding screens and surround screens.

Differences between renders

The biggest change is in the external screen part – from the original normal size screen to a ‘strip screen’. It is worth noting that this set of renderings is based on a patent previously submitted by Samsung to the World Intellectual Property Office. So this design is not groundless. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come with a triple-camera, which also includes a periscope lens.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

This phone is expected to be released together with the Samsung Note 20 series in August this year.


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