new XIaomi Mi 10

Though there is nothing official, it seems Xiaomi is going to release a new flagship in August. When talking with Mi fans, Wang Teng, product director of Redmi hinted at a new product launch conference in two months. And many users think he was talking about the new Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone. Moreover, there are some rumors the company will launch three models simultaneously. Two of them are codenamed ‘Apollo’ (high-end version) and ‘Verthandi’ (camera phone). They are told to be in mass production on the Foxconn production line.

New Xiaomi Mi 10 Series

We have talked about the legendary ‘Super Large Cup’ version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series. Even at that time, we reported the launch date is set to be in August. And though the name of this handset is impressive, it still and it is still equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor and adopts a hole-punch curved surface screen.

new XIaomi Mi 10

Apart from this, some other users shared their assumptions concerning those three handsets. Specifically, they think the leaked ‘Apollo’ will have high and low versions. They will sport 108MP and 64MP cameras, respectively. The ‘Verthandi’ will once again enhance the camera function, bringing the new Samsung billion-level pixel sensor and upgrade the 100W fast charge function. Also, it should support the 40W wireless charging function.

new XIaomi Mi 10

According to the previous rumors, Xiaomi’s new flagship may be named as the Xiaomi Mi 10S. The entire line is upgraded to a 120Hz refresh rate, but it still has an FHD+ resolution. It is possible to carry a periscope zoom lens and support a digital zoom function up to 120 times. In addition, the so-called ‘Middle Cup’ and ‘Big Cup’ versions may support 65W super-fast charge. The camera will use the former 64MP main Lens. The ‘Big Cup’ will use the 108MP Samsung HM1 sensor. It is expected that the telephoto lens will be upgraded to the OV48B sensor with a ½-inch size and a 48MP resolution.


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