Xiaomi surround screen smartphone

Today, a patent submitted by Xiaomi to WIPO was exposed. As we can see in the figure, the patent shows that Xiaomi has given a brand-new solution in the era of full-screen – 100% surround screen.

Previously, Xiaomi showed the concept smartphone MIX Alpha in the 5G era. It uses a surround screen. The body is surrounded by a whole screen, extending from the front to the sides to the back.

Xiaomi surround screen smartphone

In order to be able to make this design become real, the Xiaomi team of engineers has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs, including innovative flexible screen layered fitting solutions, innovative flexible screen fingerprint unlocking, and innovative screen sound technology.

Unlike the MIX Alpha, this patent shows a 100% full screen without a vertical striped rear camera module.

Not only that, the patent also uses a pop-up camera solution to take pictures and videos.

It should be noted that patents do not mean that there will be finished products on the market. Considering that the MIX Alpha failed to go on sale, it is unlikely that this 100% surround screen phone will go on sale.

Earlier, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun talked on Weibo, saying that the Mi MIX Alpha is a pre-research project and the pre-research goal has been successfully completed. Later, it turned out that the mass production is too difficult. So they finally decided not to send it to mass production. Also, they are now concentrated on doing the next generation MIX. As for when the new generation MIX will be released, Lei Jun bluntly said that it will take some time.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha has always been in a very important position on Xiaomi’s official website. The introduction is detailed, and ‘Stay tuned’ is displayed after clicking the purchase. But this doesn’t mean it will go on sale as a final product.

Argam Artashyan

By Argam Artashyan

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