What Is Next After Facebook? Another ‘Social Network’?

Ever since Facebook is launched, connectivity has been really easy for users worldwide. Facebook has introduced many features with new updates till now.  But back in 2004 when Facebook was a new social media platform it was growing very quick. However, it was not available worldwide. But when the site was becoming popular very fast the CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” already knew that it is going to be the next big thing of all social media platforms and that is what happened after all these years.

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Facebook was only available for the web in the beginning but as it became popular with millions of users the Facebook team developed the application and launched for Java and as time passed it is available for all the mobile platforms and the team delivers a new feature in every new update.

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But the question is what is next after Facebook? Another Social Networking site?

Here is what experts predict about future “In the very near future, Google will exist, not as something you need to understand as “Chrome” or “Android,” but as a conduit of information that’s on just the right screen at just the right time.”

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There is no guarantee that Facebook will rule the world over other major social giants like Google because as mentioned above the company with more users and assets will lead the revolution by providing everything to you. You will get goods delivered by drones, Automatic cars that take you to your destination and robots to perform medical treatments.

The reason it could be true is because as for now we are making online orders to buy things and with the growth of technology we won’t be just ordering things online instead we will make the whole order and delivery process online via smartphones that will be processed and done by robots.

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