Although the attention of Smartisan phones is relatively high, its development process is not smooth.

ByteDance, the parent company of Hammer, recently announced on a small scale that the Xinshi laboratory established by the original Hammer technology team has been merged into the educational hardware team led by the original founder of Yang Luyu. In terms of business, the merged hardware team will focus on the education field and will no longer develop other unrelated products such as Nut smartphones and TNT displays.

Smartisan phones

In short, we may never wait for the new generation of Hammer / Smartisan phones.

However, Bytedance said that the services of Smartisan users will not be affected, and it will continue to explore the innovative opportunities of SmartisanOS to give users a better experience.

This morning, the relevant person in charge of Dali Education responded: ‘We are optimistic about the prospects and value of educational hardware. In order to enhance the R&D capabilities of the educational hardware team, Xinshi Lab will merge with the desk lamp team to form a Dali Smart Team and focus on education hardware. The service of Hammer users will not see any changes. We will continue to explore the innovative opportunities of Smartisan OS to give users a better experience.’

Hammer Technology was founded by Luo Yonghao in 2012 and successively launched Smartisan, Nuts and other smartphone series. At the end of 2018, the Hammer Technology team joined ByteDance and continued to develop products such as Nuts phones and TNT stations. The latest Hammer smartphone is the Nut R2 released in October 2020. But for now, the Nut R2 has become the swan song of Nut (Hammer).

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