Nokia 3310 Could Be Launched In This MonthNokia 3310 Could Be Launched In This Month

Nokia 3310 Could Be Launched In This Month

According to the reports, Nokia has decided to launch Nokia 3310 again. This phone is an everlasting phone which is remembered by all the Nokia fans. Nokia could launch its 3310 model in this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The Nokia 3310 device will be launched at the Nokia HMD event which will be on February 26. It is expected to cost $63 (€59 or £49) as reported by the VentureBeat’s Evan Bass. Nokia has recently introduced its Nokia 6 model in China and it was a big hit.

The Nokia Company is known for its long-lasting phones. Nokia 3310 was first released in the year 2000 and was a big hit. This model was released in place of Nokia 3210. Nokia phones are famous because of their unbreakable hardware. The Snake game of Nokia 3310 was very well-known at that time. The extreme battery life of that phone influences the user to buy this phone. The battery continues 55 hours on backup.

Nokia 3310 Could Be Launched In This Month
Nokia 3310 Could Be Launched In This Month

As we all know, Nokia is going to release Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 which will feature Android Nougat. Reports also state Nokia could also launch a new Nokia 3 this year. Nokia 3310 could be launched in a modern look and with enhanced features.

The Nokia 3310 had a feature to create text messages ahead of the SMS character edge, an 84 x 48-pixel monochrome display, screen savers, a calculator, and games like Snake II. It had an awesome feature of saving seven custom ringtones. The cover of rear and front could also be replaced easily. The storage of Nokia 3310 was only 32MB, but this was a lot in 2000. Nokia 3310 was tough and could last in very bad surroundings.

The impression of Nokia was excellent before the introduction of the latest iPhone’s. In the past, Nokia was the king of the phone market and Nokia 3310 was one of its best devices. We hope that they will launch more interesting phones which can be appreciated by its users.

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