Nokia To Launch Its Android Phones In The First Wave Of 2017Nokia To Launch Its Android Phones In The First Wave Of 2017

There were rumors in the earlier month of 2016 that Nokia is going to introduce Android Nougat in their latest smartphones. With this news, Nokia made one thing clear that it is coming back to the smartphone market worldwide.

But this time, Nokia is embracing android and producing few number of smartphones with the comeback. According to reports, Nokia is launching two Android Nougat Smartphones by the end of 2016. Also, we can expect tablets from Nokia along with Android Nougat.

Also, there is news that the tablets will be available by the may of 2017 with several models. After all the ups and downs the company is making the debut in the smartphone market of android again after a lot of time. They are working on few handsets which are not yet made but the work is being done on the prototype. But there is no information about the devices names yet. Nokia Android devices will be made of premium metal design.

The last Nokia android device was Nokia N1. Since the are coming back they want to give the best and hence other than the metal body they are also working on water and dust protection.

The specifications are, The device will be powered by Android’s Latest version update Nougat, and the display will be of 5.2-ich and also 5.5-inch for both devices respectively, Also with the support of Quad HD OLED display.

These smartphones run on a snapdragon 820 processor packed with 22.6MP and the best part is the camera comes with water and dust resistant metal designs. Apart from these, we can expect like USB type-c and a micro sd card slot.

After the deal with windows by leaving Symbian behind, Nokia didn’t do much great.Nokia launched a tablet of android N1 which didn’t work out either. But blackberry proved that jumping on to the android is not what makes the device good, Even blackberry has featured few android applications and did well in smartphone market without just hoping into android. Let’s hope that Nokia will manage the firm with full balance.

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