Android P Update: We know that Nokia has introduced their Android smartphones recently. The latest Nokia smartphones are successfully running in the smartphone market. Nokia is the most trusted company in phone manufacturing. It seems that Nokia has maintained the same reputation which was with their previous non-Android phones. Working with the Microsoft operating system was a wrong decision for the company as they have faced many problems with the OS.

Nokia Declared Android P Update For All Thier Latest Smartphones
Nokia Declared Android P Update For All Thier Latest Smartphones

In Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona this year, the company launched three new smartphones, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Along with the launch, Nokia promised to update the smartphones nearly swift as the Google Pixel. This promise is remarkable for all the Nokia fans. On past Wednesday, HMD said that the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 will get the latest Android Oreo update. Now, there is another big report from the company.

HMD has said that they will update Android P in all their available smartphones. Yes, you heard it right. It I a great big news for all the Nokia smartphone owners. However, we are very far from the release of Android P as we have recently can across the Android Oreo updates, and most of the Android users have not yet updated the latest version. Although, this promise is to be kept in mind. At an occasion in the Philippines, the most famous company, Nokia has declared that their smartphones will get the Android P update for sure. They have said that Nokia phones will get the update after the Google announces the update in Pixel devices.

Nokia 2 is the only phone which will not get the Android P update. Nokia 2 is the low-end smartphone which cannot support the latest Android OS version. However, all the high-end Nokia smartphones will get the update after the official release of the upcoming Android P. We hope that Android P will have more superior features compared to the Android Oreo, and not create any trouble for the current Android users.

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