Nokia Could Launch Foldable Smartphones In 2017Nokia Could Launch Foldable Smartphones In 2017

Nokia Could Launch Foldable Affordable Smartphones In 2017

A smartphone with larger display area is very complex to carry. This is the reason why the giant tech companies are trying to invent a smartphone which can be folded.

Recently, we read a report in which the tech companies like Samsung and LG are working on their foldable smartphones. According to reports, Samsung and LG foldable smartphones could be launched in 2017.

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Nokia the Finnish company which is owned by HMD has also decided to launch foldable smartphones. In 2013, Nokia has issued a copyright in the United States Patent and Trademark Office in September 2016 which has been permitted.

HMD has decided to launch several enhanced smartphones in 2017 authorized by Nokia. Nokia has introduced its Nokia 6 in China and it has gained good response from the fans. Nokia 8 will be a high-end device which will be available globally. The ideas and aims of the finished company Nokia made it extraordinary and overwhelming. They will soon start working on their copyright which was permitted for the manufacturing of foldable smartphones.

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In the above picture, we can observe a smartphone which is joined with various adaptable elements. The display is foldable that is it extends when opened and contracts when closed. It is a small handset with a wider display of 6 inches.

The permission for a copyright does not suggest that the decision of making a foldable smartphone by Nokia is final. In future, certain cases have happened where copyright is permitted and execution is forgotten.

Many tech giants have decided to manufacture a foldable phone in this year. Let’s see which company will launch its smartphone first and which will have best features. It looks as if Samsung will be the first to launch its Galaxy X with these features. These devices will be released after the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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