Nokia To Launch Its Android Phones In The First Wave Of 2017Nokia To Launch Its Android Phones In The First Wave Of 2017

According to the reporters, Nokia will launch its android phones in 2017. The news was confirmed in a press release from the company which is now owned by HMD, a new company set up to enable the proliferation of Nokia-branded phones and tablets.

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But according to the last news Nokia was to launch its smartphone, Nokia D1C this year (2016). The Nokia fans were eagerly waiting for this smartphone because of its 13.8-inch tablet running on Android 7.0 Nougat feature. But there is also good news for all Nokia fans; Nokia will launch its four android devices next year.

Nokia has also confirmed that it will release at least three Android phones before the close of 2016. Of the three phones coming, two will have high-end specs and high-end features. Right now the two phones are rumored to feature: 5.2 and 5.5-inch QHD OLED displays, Snapdragon 820 processors, 22.6 MP cameras rear snapper with LED flash and 4K video recording capabilities, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11ac, metal construction, water and dust resistance, and Android 7.0 Nougat.

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The phones to be launched in 2017 are Nokia D1C & C1:

Nokia D1C: 13.8-inch full HD display, it had logged a peak score of 667 in single-core test and 3,229 in multi-core tests on Geek bench. It was spotted running on Qualcomm’s 64-bit Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz. It is paired with 3GB of RAM and Adreno 505 GPU. The Nokia D1C tablet could sport a 15-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a 7-megapixel front-facing sensor for selfies and video calling. While Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options are expected on the tablet.

Nokia C1: There was one more smartphone called Nokia C1 that was rumored. The render offered a glimpse at super thin bezels, curved edges and uni-body construction. The leak also hinted at the Nokia C1 sporting a 5-inch HD display. Nokia plans to release this smartphone, it may have to go with MediaTek or Qualcomm chipset.

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With 32GB on board storage, and 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel selfie unit was also rumored. The report had also hinted that the Nokia C1 could carry a price tag of around Rs 20,000, but looking at its specifications and current offerings by competitors, that price tag could be too high.

Nokia’s mobile phones were incredibly successful in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Nokia were also one of the pioneers of mobile gaming, due to the popularity of Snake, which was pre-loaded on many products. The 3310 is one of the company’s most well-known products, and is noted today for its toughness.

Nokia created the best-selling mobile phone of all time, the Nokia 1100 in 2003. Nokia officially confirmed their comeback into Smartphone business through the brand licensing route. This way, Nokia will do the designing and a third party company called HMD takes care of the manufacturing. The Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 1020 are still popular. Nokia is known for its toughness, style, great features and long lasting phones. Nokia fans are excitedly waiting for its android devices.

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